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In all the rachet hell that plays out daily in blogs, on TV and on social media, this is a moment that has left us truly speechless. A bride decided to have her newborn baby participate in her wedding in a very unique way – by literally dragging the baby behind her on the train of her bridal gown.

The Internet, of course, went HAM on this couple who shared the photo on social media. Sigh. Comments ranged from “Call DHS” to “This must be fake” to “What in the holy rachet hell” – well, that was our response. Hit page 2 for the pic and the couple’s response to the photo of their happy day going viral.

The couple, Shona Carter and Jonathan Brooks of Ripley, Tennessee were apparently surprised by the response to their baby-dragging antics so they took to, where else, Facebook, to write this post:


“People questioning what we do, commenting all negative, and just doing the most. We good though we covered by the Blood which never loose its power,” she wrote. “So to the media, radio, news, and whomever else wanting to talk about what WE do here you go: Media Media I see how it works regardless the situation or purpose people gone have something negative to say! The answer is we do what we want when we want long as Jesus on our side everything worked out fine and gone continue to be fine. Our 1 month old was awake and well secured on my train. Most important while yall got ya feelings in us we had our hearts in Christ which covers all!! So keep ya mouths running for it was just that Exclusive and Epic enough we made top blog way from small town Ripley, TN and the social media doing what they do, TALK!!!!”

Alrighty then. Well, all we can say is, we wish the Brooks’ the very best.

Do you think how people choose to get married  is a couple’s personal business or what you share on social media becomes everybody’s business? Do you think that it’s ever OK to risk a child’s well-being for a certain theme? Talk about it! 




51 thoughts on “They Did WHAT?!: Bride Drags Newborn Behind Her On Gown [PHOTO]

  1. Stormy on said:

    This is very telling and symbolic of what black women have turned into. And very symbollic of
    how they prioritize their children and men. After all of their ratchet parenting, a man comes
    first, and the children usually end up in life, LEFT BEHIND AND AT THE BOTTOM. This picture says it all of their backwards thinking. But WHY? smh.
    It is going to take whoever these women will listen to(if there are such people) to tell them what is right. If it is her man and the father( *rolls eye back and forth in rainbow motion *) then he should have told her this was the wrong. Why is it always black women who are always trying to operate out of the normal and ordinary. A train has to stay on track or it will CRASH. HELLO? Sometimes in society, ordinary and normal is the thing to do to keep from looking backward and crazy. Why don’t they understand logic? But as the mother stated “she doesn’t care”. Well, we can SEE that she just don’t care. But that doesn’t make her look good , which she was obviously trying to do, look good. That’s whats wrong with a lot of these females. They just don’t care, but the first to try and be in the limelight thinking people are ok with this mess. If only the people they listen to would tell them the truth about themselves.
    . . . and have the nerve to put Jesus in all of their mess.

  2. Marilyn on said:

    If she is that Christian, why did she have a baby out of wedlock. Shame on her for talking about about Jesus and flaunting her disobedience to his laws, she puts a stumbling block in other’s path.

  3. ms dee on said:

    that is so ghetto who drags a baby on their gown that just don’t make sense to me of course people are going to say something about it she should have class about herself and her baby that’s why kids grow up the way they are today because of parents like that

  4. hottlanta on said:

    She should have had someone to hold the baby and when they got to the altar and began to say their vows hand the baby to them. Covered by the blood. You can tell she is an over-zealous Christian nut. When was God when yall was making that baby before you got married and now all of a sudden you are a Christian. Gonna bust hell wide open.

    • I said it. on said:


      Yes, this is a weird case, but just for clarification, have you had a glimpse of the Book of Life? I’m trying to figure out how you know if they have been redeemed, or not. Who else is going to, as you say,”bust hell right open”? What can we do to to help them, or not be included? I was thinking repent, ask for forgiveness, and turn around, but from your post, I’m worried that what the Bible prescribes may not be enough.

  5. tamekia palmer on said:

    I won’t judge……but I think if she would have made the bouquet and had the baby inside of it covered in the Same flowers would have been beautiful

    • Sure. Aside from looking ridiculous, this genius would have more than likely tossed the baby with the bouquet. She should have just let the maid/matron of honor hold the little one until she got to the alter and then handed the baby to her. Sometimes, simple is better.


  7. If you don’t want people to judge or comment, don’t put your business on social media. @ Aceman – you’re right you can’t fix stupid

  8. pac4me on said:

    How old is this “child” and where was the grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt, cousin, sister, brother, BFF? Thank God for His Grace & Mercy that nothing fell on the baby, that nobody got up and stepped on the train, that no other small children jumped in – ohhh plenty could have happened so who knows where their mindset was. I’m just thankful that God was in the house!

  9. cmac on said:

    Social media is a double edged sword. It reveals some of the funniest and talented, educates and entertains but then……………………this.

  10. Myra on said:

    Her poor baby is riding on the floor on the back of a wedding dress in a dangerous situation and all she can think about is making the national news. I guess some people will do anything for attention. I hope that she enrolls in Tennessee State and takes some college courses because she needs to further her education.

  11. Ignorant is as ignorant does – this is definitely a “she better don’t” moment. Straight-up countrified, I feel sorry for the baby.

  12. Thank You Lord They were all Covered By the Blood Of Jesus and the baby did not bounce around and get bruised up..if ever she wants to do something like this again please carry your baby or use a stroller to match everyones the wedding decor it would have been a lot safer.

  13. Mitch on said:

    That was just dumb and she is stupid with not much education. You can tell by what she said in her response. Can you imagine how many more dumb stupid mistakes she is going to make raising this child and justify it by quoting the scriptures? Just when you thought you’ve seen it all!!

  14. There are so many options that would have allowed her to include her baby in the nuptials that would have been better and not as attention grabbing as this. But then, her 15 minutes would have been lost forever. Selfish, self centered and totally uncalled for.

    • I said it. on said:

      I am sure that when she was planning it she thought she was being innovative. She was probably thinking, “I bet no one has done this before! We’re going to be the first!”. I want to know who helped her “secure” the baby to the dress.

  15. msyellarose on said:

    The “statement they released is proof enough of how ignorant they are. Why didn’t she simply CARRY the baby down the aisle? Geez.

  16. Zerkeise on said:

    GOD IS GOOD. He took Dr. Maya Angelou just in time not to see this woman disgrace the”Phenominal Woman’ with a different kind of stupidity and then try to cover it with Christ. Proverbs 31:28. What is this child going to say?

  17. Cali on said:

    Why not just carry the baby? Oh, I know, that would have taken the attention from her…her dress…etc! Now, she really has all the attention!! I’ve seen weddings where babies were pulled in dressed up wagons and strollers but on the floor?!?! SMH!

  18. RENO2AC on said:

    LOL at myself. Okay, now on a serious note. I don’t understand why she didn’t just CARRY the baby. She states that the little, precious one was “secure” on the train. Did they velcro the baby to the train? Like another commentor suggested, she should have not carried the bouquet and carried the baby. But, the look on the face of the man who is looking down at the baby is PRICELESS!

  19. Ms. Rona on said:

    Different Folks, Different Strokes. I think they could have included the baby in a different fashion, however, so glad the baby was included.

  20. Guest1 on said:

    Maybe she should have carried the baby instead of her bouquet. That way, the baby would have been part of the wedding . But I guess that wouldn’t have mattered either, because people would have talked about her walking down the isle with the baby in her arms.

  21. Michele on said:

    I think other options should’ve been considered to have the baby participate. Never seen anything like this before! Borderline wrong!!!

  22. Diamondgrrl55 on said:

    I’m not sure the point of this lol… I mean if she wanted her baby part of the wedding on that’s fine but I would have thought of something that looked a little better. I mean the baby is just chilling back there and doesn’t look as if the baby is in pain so ppl shouldn’t get to upset. However it does look… Let’s just say not classy! Her wedding her baby and it’s not like that baby has bruises so whatever. I would not want my baby being pulled along though across the ground.

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