Thank You Maya Angelou!

Today I posted on my FaceBook Page:

One of the most influential voices of our time is now singing amongst the angels.

RIP Dr. Maya Angelou … you spoke over my life when I was in 8th grade and made an indelible imprint in who I am and will become.

You will be missed but your legacy will live forever.

Most of us can point to that one moment in our lives when someone other than a parent or teacher gives us the validation we need to continue on our professional journey.

From as long as I can remember, writing and journaling has been my passion. It was something I did for myself with hopes of someday sharing my ideas with the world.

When I was in the eight grade, I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Maya Angelou and after a conversation with my English Lit teacher, she turned to me and said, “ You are a girl with something to say. I see it, and one day, everyone else will too.”

Fast forward about 20 years, during an interview with Dr. Angelou, I was able to thank her for being so kind to me but I’m not sure I could ever properly convey how her words motivated me when I felt like giving up and reminded me of my worthiness when I’ve been at my lowest.

But just as importantly, she taught me that if words can build us up they can surely tear us down. It made me think of all the young girls and women who suffer from verbal abuse or verbal indifference which is almost as damaging. My mission became one that included finding ways to empower women and to help them learn to use their truth, good and bad, to find freedom and light.

When ever I get the chance to tell a young girl that she has hope or promise I take that opportunity. And for my sons, I make a point of telling them something positive about themselves each and every day.

It only takes a moment to say a few kind words that will change a person’s day…or life.

Thank you Maya Angelou.


2 thoughts on “My Tribute to Maya Angelou

  1. Yes, the great Maya has been called home, more important projects to take care of on the other side, but folks don’t you fret now, because she is just a thought away if you need her. Moreover, don’t include her on the list with so many other greats who were given their 15 minutes of send offs at their passing, and were eventually forgotten in years to pass, but keep her spirit alive. Don’t let her 80 plus years on this earth be forgotten, and placed back in some box in a deserted building in years to come that no one ever goes to, but instead take the torch that is ever so bright from Maya into your heart and pass it on, pass it on. One person at a time, pass it on. So when the time comes, for your home coming, and Maya comes to you in spirit and ask. ” I noticed how upset your were about my passing, and how much you were affected by it, but once the fan fare wore off about my passing. “How did you keep my spirit alive on the earth, what will be your answer?

  2. ambientbake on said:

    I gots my own tribute. I’m agoing to eat a bunch of pancakes with syrup that has her picture on the bottle.

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