Dr. Maya Angelou will be remembered as one of the greatest poets of all time. Watch her above in this classic viral video as she recites one of her most famed poems “Still I Rise”.

What’s your favorite Dr. Angelou poem?

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3 thoughts on “CLASSIC VIRAL VIDEO: Dr. Maya Angelou Recites ‘Still I Rise’ [WATCH]

  1. I n I never had the pleasure of learning about Maya Angelou in my predominately white school in the 1970’s; it wasn’t until my early 30’s that I began my appreciation for her; and still took me years to understand her, but I am glad that I had the opportunity to live during her time.

  2. Thank you, Tom Joyner, for the prompt text message about her passing! I had just written a birthday tribute on my blog recently. As an educator and young woman, her body of work has shaped me in more ways that I can express.

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