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‘Django Unchained’ director Quentin Tarantino says he has 90 minutes of unused footage from the movie that he’s thinking of adding to the original film and presenting as a new four-part miniseries for cable.

The filmmaker mulled the idea during his Cannes press conference celebrating the 20th anniversary of “Pulp Fiction,” which won the Palme d’Or in 1994.

Asked how he feels about directors who release expanded or recut versions of their films, “I don’t do a director’s cut,” he said. “My director’s cut is the first time. My director’s cut in America plays in 3,000 theaters, not on some ghettoized DVD as an afterthought.”

However, Tarantino is considering a director’s cut of “Django Unchained,” only he’s not calling it a “director’s cut” and he’s come up with a way to present it so that the 90 extra minutes added to the original film won’t scare viewers away.

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