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Comedian Michael Colyar started his career in the early 90’s, but may be best known for his character “Showboat” in the hit movie ‘House Party 3’.

As a former Star Search grand prize winner, the self-proclaimed “King of Venice Beach” spent a lot of his early years in comedy peddling jokes in Venice Beach, California.

The funny man called in to the Tom Joyner Morning Show to touch on a few hot celebrity topics.

“I’m upset that Mark Cuban is trying to steal the limelight from Donald Sterling as America’s greatest racist,” Colyer says.

Of course whenever  a veteran comedian comes on the show, his comedic memory must be tested.

Just how much of his own material does Colyar remember? Tom plays, ‘Name That Joke’ with the Chicago native.

Punchline: Cause they work:

“Why are aspirin white?”

Punchline: Sheet

“What did the pillow say when it fell off the bed?”

Punchline: Do you have something a little smaller?

“A hooker tells a cab driver, ‘take me to the house’. When he gets to the house he tries to tell her how much it is. She said, ‘look, I don’t have no money’. She pulls up her dress and says, ‘take it out of  this here’. He says, ‘I’m sorry, do you have something a little smaller?’

Be sure to catch Michael at the Uptown Comedy Corner in Atlanta this weekend.

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