Sherri Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd spoke on behalf of all working mothers, including herself, on Monday’s episode of “The View.” The co-host, who is currently in the midst of two custody battles, said she works because she has to.

“Why do you have to go to work, why do you have to… and you are trying to explain to them mommy is trying to pay the bills,” she said during a discussion about being a working parent. “Mommy’s trying to take care of you.”

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As we reported earlier, her estranged husband Lamar Sally is fighting for full legal custody of their unborn child via a surrogate, and her ex-hubby Jeffrey Tarpley is requesting for physical custody of their 9-year-old son Jeffrey Jr. In Tarpley’s legal documents, he states that Sherri is a workaholic who neglects their special needs son.

Sherri’s close friend Wendy Williams took to her defense. “I think it’s terrible that these two guys have gotten together and they’re trying to bury Sherri,” Williams said on her daytime talk show. “[Tarpley] says that her schedule is too busy and that she is neglecting their son Jeffrey and leaving him with unskilled nannies. Well, somebody’s got to work!”

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Keep your head up, Sherri!


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3 thoughts on “Sherri Shepherd Defends Being A Working Mother: ‘Mommy Is Trying To Pay The Bills’

  1. micheal on said:

    Don’t know how to tie his shoes! Poor hygiene at age 10? You need to remove yourself from the VIEW TABLE! I have a 28 year old daughter who is handicap. I have been caring for her since birth along with working a fulltime job and to this day she is well kept! What the hell is your excuse and you got $$$$$?

  2. Doug T on said:

    Perhaps a bit of honesty to her son (and ex husbands)?


    More is insatiable. She makes $1.5M/year and $10M +/- net worth.

    She does not have to do anything more than the View if she wanted.

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