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A kissing simulator that doubles as a video game?

Say it ain’t so.

According to it is:

The game requires the participation of two people, but one person with just slightly dextrous hands can kiss themselves should their coworkers not agree to digitally make out with them in the office even if for the express purpose of journalism. One person (or you) holds A and Z to extend a hand, while the other person (or also you) holds the up and down arrow keys to begin the embrace.

Though the ultimate goal of this game is to throw your tongue all over the other person, it still has room for politesse. To begin slobbering, you must first ask if the other person (still you) will allow it. Hold A and Z or up and down to politely ask if tonguing is acceptable, then either choose yes or no. Considering the game is called Realistic Kissing Simulator, you can achieve maximum realism by turning down the offer. However, if you live in a fantasy land where everyone wants to make out with you all the time, you can say yes and use the game’s intentionally wonky tongue physics to make out all over your partner (you).

Looks as if satirical humor continues to be a huge hit in the video game world.

So you tell us — slightly weird or technologically cool?

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