A Massachusetts mom jumped from a burning building to save her 18 month-old son, sacrificing her back to do so.

The NY Daily News reports:

Christina Simoes, 23, is recovering from an serious back surgery after she leapt from her third-story Haverhill apartment cradling her 18-month-old son as the building went up in flames.

Doctors say she may never walk again, but her son, Camron, survived the fall with just a scratch, Boston’s WCVB reported.

On Wednesday afternoon, Simoes was watching TV in bed with Camron, when she noticed smoke outside her window. She peered out and saw flames.

She grabbed Camron and ran to the front door, but thick smoke filled the hallway.

She was trapped.

Next, she went to the bedroom farthest from the flames, hoping she could wait for help.

“I looked out the window again. I realized there wasn’t going to be any time to wait for a firefighter,” she told Boston’s FOX 25.

Simoes realized she had to jump.

“I grabbed my son and I gave him a kiss,” she told FOX 25. Told him I love him and then I jumped.”

She landed on her feet, but immediately collapsed, she said. The impact broke her vertebrae.

Cushioned in his mother’s arms, Camron was fine.

Then, Simoes said she army-crawled on her elbows away from the debris.

She was airlifted to a local hospital and underwent a six-hour surgery where doctors put a rod in her broken back.

Simoes survived, but the nerve damage was severe, doctors said.

On Thursday afternoon, she was reunited with her baby in her hospital room.

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(Photo Source: NY Daily News)

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