With early summer comes wedding season and lots of images of flowy dresses, delectable desserts and articles about love and commitment. I like all of that. But in the midst of it all was a “brake up” letter from Rachel to Shawn that went viral.

Rachel's letter


For all the young brides-to-be who are wondering if happily ever after is in the cards for them, along with going to premarital counseling and checking their horoscopes, most of what they need to know can be summed up in this break up letter.

Out of the mouths or in this case from the pencil of babes we can sometimes find concise wisdom and clarity.

In the note probably written during recess, Rachel despite her poor spelling makes her point.

Her opening sentence: Shawn, I’m braking up with you. You have not talked to me since the day you asked me out. THAT was 3 months ago.

The first thing most of us would say is if someone hasn’t talked to you in three months, you’re not in a relationship anyway.

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