Disgraced L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling definitely suffers from a disease – its called foot-in-mouth disease. On his rambling CNN interview with Anderson Cooper, Sterling has a lot to say, including that he doesn’t believe former NBA legend Magic Johnson  is a “role model” for children because of his HIV status.

In the interview, he seems to be blaming Johnson, whose innocent picture with Sterling confidante V. Stiviano led to Sterling’s now infamous racist rant, for providing a poor example  because he’s HIV positive and claims that Johnson has done nothing for the Black community.

He also says that Jews do more for their community than African-Americans do. “That’s one problem I have. Jews, when they get successful, they will help their people, and some of the African-Americans — maybe I’ll get in trouble again — they don’t want to help anybody,” he said. Here’s just one clip.

After the interview, Johnson tweeted “I’d rather be talking about these great NBA Playoffs than Donald Sterling’s interview,” he said. “After this week, no more Sterling talk. Just the NBA Playoffs.”

CNN reported that after the interview new NBA commissioner Adam Silver was compelled to make a statement, deriding Sterling’s comments and reiterating the league’s desire to quickly shed itself of Sterling

“While Magic Johnson doesn’t need me to, I feel compelled on behalf of the NBA family to apologize to him that he continues to be dragged into this situation and be degraded by such a malicious and personal attack,” Silver said. “The NBA Board of Governors is continuing with its process to remove Mr. Sterling as expeditiously as possible.

Watch the rest of the CNN interview here

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Is Sterling truly a racist or just an ignorant old man? Or both? Let us know in the comments.

12 thoughts on “Donald Sterling: ‘Magic’s No Role Model’

  1. lelanei on said:

    This lunatic belongs in the ‘freak-a-zoid’ hall of shame!

    He’s a disgusting pervert that knows nothing about nothing and all his money hasn’t bought him a brain, absolutely NO INTELLIGENCE OF ANY KIND and definitely NO CLASS WHATSOEVER! The filthy sack of trash isn’t fit to eat where Magic or any other black, Mexican or other race has had an attack of #!@*#*@#&*# diahrea! Every time he opens his mouth, a ton of elephant dung and a truckload of gorilla crap creates another avalanche!

    He knows nothing of AIDS and/or HIV and Magic’s charitable efforts which have gone on for decades! The ignorant Neanderthal needs to slither back into the slime soaked cracks in whatever sewer he crawled out of. He’s not fit to comment on a dead skunk! The cheapest, black skin-flint on the planet is still 1000% better off than he is. He’s nothing less than the swine and vermin he hangs around fostering his ignorance. It’s not possible for any human being to remain as vile, low-class and ignorant as this paltry piece of filth is without company! The fact that he and morons like Paula Deen can continue to amass fortunes off their vicious behavior should be a warning to all people no matter what color they are: STOP PAYING PEOPLE TO DISRESPECT YOU!

    No one should go to any of the games and all the players should walk away and let him take them to court so he can really be exposed once and for all for the diseased-brained, low-life miscreant that he is. He lays with one skank after the next and has the nerve to insult decent women in every town by claiming they’ve all have had sex with Magic. NOT SO DIRT BAG!!! There are still plenty of women [unlike the skeezers he can’t get enough of] that refuse to lower their dignity by having sex for money and degrading themselves just to say some celebrity stopped long enough to use them like a dog in heat! The heathen has no ethics and is devoid of any common sense. He’d best keep his priorities straight and get himself tested for ALL DISEASES KNOWN AND UNKNOWN – ’cause he looks like he’s ate up with everything ever found under a microscope!

    If he has so much time on his hand, he ought to use it getting dental work for ‘Quasimoto’ — the grotesque bimbat that ratted him out! When she grins, she looks like a freight train and two helicopters had a sudden collision inside her mouth!!!

  2. kay M on said:

    We clearly see that Donald Sterling is an old racist. He’s also ignorant and set in his ways and the media needs to eliminate any dialog coming from him. But the point he makes about blacks or African Americans giving back and pulling another up to get ahead is absolutely true. It may not apply to every successful individual in our race, but it applies as a whole. There are plenty of our entertainers and athletes that have lost their money or filed bankruptcy and it’s never a consequence from helping our community or race. It’s usually from poor business decisions, too many children outside of wedlock and extravagant spending. Does this have anything to do with Donald Sterling? No. But nonetheless, his comment is true.

    If we as a race would stick together so many negative things going on in our government and economy that affect African Americans would not happen. Look at how much power we could have if we kept and put our dollars together. We as a race are weak and afraid the next will have more than us. I commend the entertainers that are making money in the American business world but use some of those dollars in a more powerful way.

  3. clariol on said:

    Mr Steriling is a sad case of old ancient white racism, rather it’s demetia or not.. But now your talking about someone that has AIDS, he’s still making discrimination remarks, society has lost many of
    their love ones, to this horrible disease..God will allow him to suffer for a long time with demetia.. the MExican mix blk woman should get everything from his sorrow excuse of a racist pig..he better not get caught in the dark or in the hood..

  4. Aaron on said:

    As racist as he is Donald Sterling is actually serving a purpose to the Black community. For to long now we have glorified celebrities instead of focus on the masses of Black people who are hurting. Now Sterling has revealed that these Black celebrities are not even viewed as equals in the social arenas that they run in. The last two years America has really showed Black people that nothing has changed at all whether it be the murder of our children and elderly or the disrespect to the sitting President. We as a people really need to wake up and do for self. Sterling is correct Jewish people pull each other up we need to do the same.

    • Aaron I get your overall drift; but believe me Bernie Madoff didn’t pull Jewish people up by taking advantage of them, and stealing lots of money. Thus why his A will be in prison for a looooooong time!! Sorry but I totally disagree with you that Sterling is serving a purpose for the Black community. Most black people know, and have always known the real deal on race relations.

      • Aaron on said:

        Unfortunately Joy many black people do not know the real deal and their behavior exhibits that fact. Bernie Madoff is one man however look at all of the major music and movie execuvtives from Jimmy Iovine to Clive Davis or Robert Iger or Peter Chernin many of them are Jewish and got their start from other Jewish executives.

  5. Donald Sterling is officially off the hook with me. He doesn’t have to “like” black people, thats his right as an American. The news channels and reporters should ask Magic Johnson what has he done for Black America except (“spread HIV”..Donald Sterling). Sterling does pay those players MILLIONS of dollars , who cares if he said N eye 2G R, who HASN’T. People will say things you might not like as you go thru life. Your words and actions ( non actions) carry the same weight.

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