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05/09/14- Happy Friday! What’s the most dangerous word men use on Mother’s Day? The crew discusses. And if you didn’t know, there are rules to what gifts you get your wife, baby mama and mother. Get your pencils ready!

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One thought on “TOP OF THE MORNING: The Most Dangerous Word Men Use On Mother’s Day, Other Do’s And Dont’s

  1. William on said:

    Date: THE MORNING OF MOTHER’S DAY – May 11, 2014

    W. E. Rogers
    Miami, FL 33142
    Order # 110816791033

    WOW!!! What better time is there to let your mother down than on mother’s Day with a delivery of inferior roses?

    I spent $ 80.00 with you to make sure that I was going to get what I thought to be best spray of long-steamed roses. I searched your website diligently.

    You advertised red roses for as little as 29.00 that were to be approximately 16″ tall and I know that 16” is TOO SHORT. Well I knew that that would not be anything that I would want for my mother for her since she loves long-steamed red roses.

    I am thinking that if I spend MORE money then I can CERTAINLY insure that the ROSES would be upgraded and that the spray would be MUCH, MUCH taller, wider and thus more BEAUTIFUL.

    It is very apparent that my thoughts were grossly wrong!!!

    So I go from the lower end priced roses to what I thought was the higher end such as in the following:


    One Dozen Red Roses

    One Dozen Long Stemmed Red Roses
    Three Dozen Long Stemmed Red Roses with Ruby Vase

    Two Dozen Red Roses

    IT was my desire to purchase the BEST PRODUCT from your website. Money was not the concern. Product satisfaction and my mother’s happiness WAS!!!!!(not in that order)

    So, I settled on purchasing the following:
    Ultimate Mom’s Two Dozen Red Roses
    w/Greatest Mom Magnet
    w/Lavender Spa Trio
    w/Rocky Mountain Chocolates
    w/Square Glass Vase

    Item Description:
    Pure romance, pure tradition, pure red roses. Send two dozen roses to your wife “just because.” Send two dozen roses to your girlfriend to get out of the doghouse. Send two dozen roses to someone you love, because, with roses like these, they’re sure to love you back.
    • 24 red roses
    • Includes Square Vase, Chocolates, Spa Trio and Mom Pick
    • Item #30072529
    When I went to my mother’s house, I could not believe what you guys sent. My roses were next to another spray of roses from my ex-girlfriend and the other spray DWARFED my roses in height and width The roses sent from your company could have not have been more than 12 -14 inches high – INCLUDING THE VASE – which itself was an upgrade.

    My ex-girlfriend picked up her roses from Publix – locally for about $20.00

    I was not trying to outdo her, but my Mother has not been feeling well and is up in age. Why not spend money to make her happy on this weekend? I must say that this transaction has been disappointment after disappointment. I will add the significant CONFUSION surrounding the 15% discount and UPGRADE advertised on the Tom Joyner Morning Show.

    I am NOT a happy camper!!!! I feel cheated and victimized on this Mother’s Day. Money was NOT an issue but my mother’s happiness certainly is.

    To this end, Then send my mother an apology for this elaborate hoax.

    I wonder if the Tom Joyner Morning Show knows that his advertisement is a hoax or that upon entering his promotion code it is not accepted and it is at the expense of all the Mother’s on Mother’s Day?


    W. E. ROGERS
    “It has become apparent to me that 90% of those who actually fail are not actually defeated. The truth is they simply quit.”

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