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The New York Post’s Page Six and the UK’s Daily Mail tabloid are reporting that Sherri Shepherd and her husband of three years, Lamar Sally, are going through a separation.

Page Six says the comedian/actress and host of The View is “telling friends that her three-year marriage to TV writer Sally is in trouble and they are separating.

Reps for Shepherd, as well as her manager Darris Hatch, did not comment last night despite numerous requests from Page Six.

The Daily Mail took things a step further and claimed the source of the breakup could be accusations of infidelity against Sally. A source told MailOnline that after the couple’s wedding in 2011, there were reports that he was romantically involved with a woman who was a close friend of the family.

According to the tabloid, she was even a part of the couple’s wedding party, and Shepherd had no idea they used to be lovers. Sally is reportedly back in Los Angeles, while Shepherd is in New York working on The View. 

Neither party has put out a statement regarding the separation reports. Shepherd and Sally married only year after dating.

The couple were said to be trying to have a child together, but due to Shepherd’s fertility issues, surrogacy became an option.

She divorced her first husband of eight years, Jeff Tarpley in 2009, after she found out he was having an affair.

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7 thoughts on “Is Sherri Shepherd’s Marriage Over?

  1. fiftiesgrind on said:

    i’ll help myself to another round of fried chicken and grape soda and top it off w/watermelon and still maintain that it is your lack of self love and respect that you feel “empowered” by putting down others. Syntax? not writing a doctoral thesis…just a stream of consciousness…have a wonderful life…i’m off to study…

  2. hotlanta on said:

    I hope she doesn’t get divorced because she is one of those women that HAVE to be married. She will be a train wreck and everyone will have to get outta her way. She doesn’t talk about Sal all of the time. When a woman usually talk about a man allllllllll the time stop talking a man all the time we know they are having problems. That is why when I have a man I don’t talk about him period because no one will never know what is going on.

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