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Some women who thought they were saved might think twice after reading Heather Lindsey‘s book “Pink Lips & Empty Hearts.” Watch the exclusive interview below to hear Heather define what it really means to be saved in a discussion with Britt on “The Russ Parr Morning Show.”


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One thought on “Heather Lindsey Defines What It Means To Be “Saved” [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

  1. Tanya Palmer on said:

    She is right. For how will the world know we are the church of Jesus if we act like the world? If we are to be like Christ. The bible tells us that we ought to be like him. However, many are yet saved because of that love of God. But they will have to learn how to live (by faith.) It is a path we learn. We are not to judge others but love and lead them, 4 Christ died that the whole world be saved. He gave his life. We must learn to give ours. God bless you.

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