What do you do when your deceased husband gets visitors from the NYPD upwards of 12 times a year?

That’s the story of Karen Jordan has to relieve over and over because the police won’t stop barging in, demanding to see her husband. James died from complications with diabetes in 2006.

“I tell them over and over, ‘James isn’t here! He’s dead! It’s that simple. What’s so difficult to understand about that?’ ”, Jordan told the NY Post.

Admittedly annoyed, Jordan has resulted to taping her husband’s death certificate to thedoor in hopes that the unsolicited visits would cease.

They didn’t.

Jordan was last arrested in 1996 for turnstile jumping and had three previous encounters with the NYPD. Records for those arrests are sealed.

She is now suing the NYPD in a Brooklyn federal court.

“They leave my house a mess and tell me to shut up or either leave,” a frustrated Karen says.

So far the police have been to her house four times this year.

Tell us, what would you do? Should she even have to tape the birth certificate to the door?

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(Photo Source: AP)

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5 thoughts on “Cops Continue To Raid Dead Man’s Home, Wife Suing NYPD

  1. Reblogged this on KaLaSta and commented:
    What are they looking for? Why are they continuously intimidating the widow? What are they looking for? “Now, that ain’t right!”

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