According to multiple reports Clippers owner Donald Sterling has Cancer.

The New York Post reported Thursday that Sterling has been battling cancer for some time, citing multiple sources.

Further specifics are not yet available, and neither Sterling nor his representatives have publicly confirmed the diagnosis.

Members of the Clippers said they were unaware of the diagnosis following their 100-99 loss to the Warriors in Game 6 on Thursday.

“I hope it’s not true,” said Clippers coach Doc Rivers, according to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

“If that is true, my thoughts and prayers are with him,” Blake Griffin said, according to the Los Angeles Times. “Nobody deserves to go through something like that.”

Chris Paul added that the reported news was “truly unfortunate.”

The league’s 10-member advisory committee held its first meeting about Sterling Thursday and agreed to move swiftly on the process of terminating Sterling’s ownership.

Does the news of Sterling having Cancer make you sympathize with him? Do you think he’s playing the “cancer card”?

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7 thoughts on “Donald Sterling Has Cancer, Players React

  1. pac4me on said:

    If he truly has cancer, he didn’t get it yesterday and it still doesn’t make his racist remarks less hurtful. If he has cancer, he knows cancer is colorblind and the day they gave him the cancer diagnosis he should have been trying to repent and asking God for forgiveness, he should have let that alley-cat go and make amends with his wife. Having had my mother, father and two sisters die from cancer, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone including Sterling – I hope God blesses him

  2. C.A.A on said:

    Well this is way different! this is a sickness. God will judge all men on day of Judgement. Here is a time where he should take this lesson and remedy all his faults, make amends. (Cancer has no color.)

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