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“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams (pictured far left), who is reportedly in deep trouble for attacking co-star Kenya Moore  (pictured far right) during the show’s reunion taping last month, has now publicly apologized for the much buzzed about violent altercation, according to US Weekly.

During the show’s taping, Williams, who is the youngest cast member, was seated one person away from Moore on a couch. Whenever Moore spoke about Williams, she would wave a scepter in her direction and then resort to using a blowhorn to debase and provoke her.

Eventually, Williams is seen reaching what seems to be her wit’s end and lunging at the former Miss USA.  The 33-year-old Georgia socialite then grabs Moore by her flowing locks and drags her across the floor in a melee that lasted about 10 seconds.

After the set calms down, cast members are seen coming to Williams’ defense as they try to calm and coddle her. Williams, who appears hysterical after the attack, is seen shaking and repeatedly uttering how embarrassed she is over what had taken place.

Moore, on the other hand, appeared unharmed and demanded that Williams be fired and police be summoned over the attack.  Williams was booked on a misdemeanor battery charge.

Williams has now decided to offer a public apology for the incident that took place involving Moore, but oddly, does not mention the ex-beauty queen at all.  She also alleges that her former husband, famed ex-NFL-player-turned-sports-announcer Kordell Stewart physically and mentally abused her during their short but explosive union.  The singer and actress gave US Weekly her mea culpa:

“I suffered severe bullying since I was a child, to the extent of contemplating suicide and was also physically and mentally abused in my marriage. Throughout the season on ‘Real Housewives’ I was manipulated and bullied and at the reunion taping when emotions were heightened. I was pushed too far with objects waved in my face and my personal space was continuously violated, and I reacted in a way which I am not proud of.  Violence is not the answer and I want to apologize to my fans, the viewers, and the other ladies for my behavior. For the thousands of supporters that have stuck by me, I thank you immensely and encourage you to donate to shelters for abused woman and support charities that stop bullying. As I mentioned on the show, I am embarrassed of my reaction and the way that I handled the provocation and I am dedicated to helping others learn appropriate ways to cope with bullies and abusers, and from this experience, I hope to continue on a path of personal and spiritual growth.”



Porsha Williams Apologizes For Kenya Moore Attack was originally published on newsone.com

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16 thoughts on “Porsha Williams Apologizes For Kenya Moore Attack

  1. golden on said:

    If African Americans ancestors’ could see their so call black, educated, professional men and women, I wonder what would they say? probably, all I see and hear is disrespect, profanity, weaves, tattoos, split dresses, painted faces, ghetto trash being paid to be hoes on the set!!!!! Do you think they will be happy or cry!! To think what they were killed and die for!!!

  2. Bianca on said:

    Some of you sound like gangsters yourself. Moreover, from what you have written, it sounds like you did not see and hear the same Reunion show that I did. Out the gate, your Porsha was making rude and inflammatory remarks to Kenya. She called Kenya a bitch more than once; she threatened to shove the scepter up Kenya’s ass; she violently snatched the scepter and tossed it onto the floor; she accused Kenya of lying and faking a boyfriend; she made ugly remarks about Kenya’s breath and vagina; and she called Kenya a slut. Now, come one people, your little Porsha is not at all innocent. What if Kenya had slapped the hell out of Porsha for saying those things about her? Porscha felt she could denigrate Kenya’s character, but Kenya could not do the same to her just one time? Besides, the props were not the problem; the problem is that Porsha is apparently unstable and can dish it out but cannot take it. The props were never really in her space; they were pointed in her direction. I believe that given the sparks and the heightened emotion, Porsha would have snapped if there had been no props. Calling Porsha a dumb ho and accusing her of cheating is what rocked Porsha’s boat; the words being amplified on the bullhorn did not push her over the edge. I think it is the wrong call to ban props. Until Bravo can ban razor sharp tongues and can predict and prevent violent behavior, there is no reason to ban props that are used simply for comic effect, not as weapons. If you Porsha supporters thought those props were being used as weapons, then you are absolutely delusional and so full of hatred for Kenya that you are blind to the facts and to the truth. God Bless…

  3. Ivy Simms on said:

    Kenya should also apologies, she is the instigator in the whole mess. She was the bully with her props, talking over every one, and just being rude and nasty. She is not the queen bee, not a housewife, no longer Miss USA. She needs to get over herself. Portia’s former marriage is non of Kenya’s business. As a matter of fact any ones marriage is none of Kenya’s business. She is a busy body. She needs to get a LIFE.

  4. Marcy on said:

    The ass kicking that Kendra got was long over do now let’s put this cast of atl house wives to rest bring in the new thank you you all have no more interesting story lines you are boring REALLY

  5. Kenya got what she had coming , she had no right to keep prodding at porsha, most women would react in the same manor giving the history between the two women.

  6. christie on said:

    Apology NOT accepted. Grow up and go back to school. You cannot keep a man if you continue to think this way. Meanwhile, who wrote this note for you?

    • I found her apology befitting the action .. and it couldn’t have written by thee Moose for she wouldn’t know how to. .. Kenya thought she was poking the mouse but seems Porsha is a Lion LOL ! Hope Bravo gets rid of Kenya and cuts the Moose(Nene) to half the air time until she lets some of that wind out her huge moose head ..

  7. Monica on said:

    I think her apology was appropriate. Kenya did not deserve a direct apology, since she was the true aggressor.

  8. Mary on said:

    This was not all Porsha’s fault. Kenya has provoked her all during the show. Kenya should not have been waving all that stuff in her face and then got that bull horn out. Somebody needs to beat Kenya’s ass. She is a fake and an ugly bitch. I wish they would take her off the show. She causes trouble in every show. She is a pure bitch. I know Porsha wines about her marriage a lot and I get tired of that too. But Kenya is a trip. She needs to go.

    • AMOORE on said:


  9. She didn’t apologize to Kenya directly. I don’t condone violence but Kenya was asking for trouble waving stuff and hollering in folks personal space. The seating arrangement and Andy’s letting Kenya bring in her junk would have avoided the possibilities of this happening. Based on past history, Portia and Kenya should never be in such close proximity to each other. If Kenya had been sitting by Nene or Candy, she never would have been so rude. Hope this is the last we’ll hear from Portia and that she will get some backbone and stop whining about her divorce and bullying. Grow up girl you are trying to hang with the big league, act like it.

  10. Camella Jenkins on said:

    She should have been sitting on the eye rolling couch with NeNe, Kandi and Phaedra. looking all evil and hateful.

  11. Camella Jenkins on said:

    “Don’t try to back peddle now” plus you’re not really sorry that’s just who you really are. You’re a 33 year old spoiled brat. You came on the show bragging and flashing like you were this wonderful person and had a wonderful childhood. Running your big mouth bragging about who your grandfather is/was so how is that you had an abusive childhood? Poor excuse for your bad behavior.

    • Tony on said:

      Okay, but Kenya’s behavior was commendable? Point blank period, Kenya UNNECESSARILY provoked Porsha and was given a much deserved can of Whoop-Ass. You can’t stand behind a glass wall and throw a rock and then claim innocence when it’s thrown back at you.

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