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An illustration of a smoke alarm warning of a fire

D.L. Hughley recognizes Hector Montoya as this week’s Human Being of the Week for donating his money to help protect his community instead of buying the video game console he was originally saving up for.

Nine-year-old Hector, from Grand Prairie, TX, had saved $300 for a new PlayStation 4 video game console. However, after hearing about a deadly fire that claimed the lives of a mother and daughter nearby, he decided to spend his money to buy smoke detectors for houses in his community that didn’t already have them installed.

“It really hurts my heart to see people die in a fire,” Hector said.

With his savings, he purchased 100 smoke detectors.

After word of his good deed was spread on the local news, strangers decided to reward the selfless kid with the PS4 he had originally intended to buy, and also to donate an additional $100 for more smoke alarms.

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