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ESPN host Bomani Jones feels vindicated this week. The commentator/writer  wrote a column in 2006 about the racism Donald Sterling was capable of when he was forced to settle two federal discrimination suits, one to the tune of a record $2.75 million in 2009.

He says that in light of the tapes that once again revealed Sterling’s views on African-Americans which are just slightly more charitable than Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s’ that more people read his column this week than they did in 2009.

Jones, on the air yesterday just before the NBA announced the lifetime ban on Donald Sterling (though it’s unclear just how punitive it is given that Sterling stands to make a half-billion dollar profit on any sale of the team) says that people who focus on Sterling’s taped comments miss the real point.

After hearing this, you’ll have no more questions about Sterling. Check it out above.

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Twitter Reacts to Donald Sterling’s NBA Ban
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8 thoughts on “ESPN’s Bomani Jones Breaks The Donald Sterling Situation Down Once And For All [LISTEN]

  1. 緊急な借入がいる時には、サービスの良いキャッシング会社を活用することが大切です。実際に活用してみると、役に立つ資金調達をすることができます。金融機関を選択する時は、慎重に借り入れをすることが重要です。

  2. Yarry Mayo on said:

    Beth and Catt you telling me that the white men that date and married with black women feel same about white women as Sh**terling does about black peoples?

  3. pac4me on said:

    Bomani Jones is making light of this fool and his immoral woman but I am more appalled at those people in the “know” – those that knew this man was racist way before last Friday and did nothing about it. Did Doc Rivers know about him prior to becoming the Clippers coach and if so, what does that say about him? and this girlfriend, please give me a break and the wife – she says she’s not racist, yet you lived with this racist, had babies with this racist, spent this racist’s money, did things in the past on behalf of this racist. What about the other NBA owners – I’m sure this fool said plenty behind closed doors about blacks and other minorities, so why didn’t somebody with balls call him out back then.

  4. Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Doc Rivers and other Black Men feel the same way about Black Women as Sterling does about all Black People.

    • I said it. on said:

      “Beth” and “Catt” there are plenty of great African American men. Please go back to whatever KRAZY KRAKKER KLOWN meeting you came from and reaffirm that for them. They know it, but you can rub it in their faces regardless. Maybe they will give you a new assignment that doesn’t involve BAW.

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