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ESPN host Bomani Jones feels vindicated this week. The commentator/writer  wrote a column in 2006 about the racism Donald Sterling was capable of when he was forced to settle two federal discrimination suits, one to the tune of a record $2.75 million in 2009.

He says that in light of the tapes that once again revealed Sterling’s views on African-Americans which are just slightly more charitable than Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s’ that more people read his column this week than they did in 2009.

Jones, on the air yesterday just before the NBA announced the lifetime ban on Donald Sterling (though it’s unclear just how punitive it is given that Sterling stands to make a half-billion dollar profit on any sale of the team) says that people who focus on Sterling’s taped comments miss the real point.

After hearing this, you’ll have no more questions about Sterling. Check it out above.

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