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04/28/14 – Roland Martin talks to us about one of the NBA’s most controversial moments, LA Clippers’ Donald Sterling’s alleged racial comments. Bomani Jones, ESPN’s daily talk show host, gives us the rundown of Donald’s racial history.

“This is not new. Half of what’s on that tape is tame compared to what he’s said,” Jones said.

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5 thoughts on “ROLAND MARTIN: ‘This Is Nothing New. Donald Sterling Has Said Black People Stink Before’

  1. He is a racist, but also a victim in my eyes. The things he said are unexusable but some of them were forced by the girl or lover. However he has to sell the team, I see no future form him in the NBA anymore.

  2. So, if this is nothing new, then why, on earth did the NAACP give this man a live time achievement award, and was on the verge of giving him another award just before the story broke? The NAACP is as crooked as the day is long, this organization knew how this man treated black people, but, yet they turned a blind eye, because he’s a billionaire, and was in a position to write them a big fat check. I will never have any respect for the NAACP, they should be a shame of themselves

    • christen I hear yeah. In the beginning I think that the NAACP helped the cause; but of late to me they’re nothing more than symbolic. I haven’t seen anything concrete of late that they’ve done. Do they have job training programs? Do they have entrepreneur ‘fast track’ programs? Have they helped to create black owned businesses? They do a lot of talking…..but talk is cheap!! Same thing goes for the CBC, and also goes for the thousands of Black churches in the country. They don’t do JACK either!!

  3. Donald Sterling’s racist attitude plays
    out across this country daily
    in employment, housing, education
    banking and religions. Noted psychiatrist
    Dr. Francis Cress Welsing will
    help you understand the system
    of racism thats been in this country
    to maintain the present social
    and economic power structure.
    She explains that foundation of
    this system was and is built upon the
    false image of a white Jesus.

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