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Since unveiling the artwork for his hit album “G I R L,” Pharrell Williams has taken heat because people felt the models on the cover didn’t reflect beauty in all shades. While Pharrell’s explanation may not have satisfied fans, the video for his latest single should pacify them. In the video for “Marilyn Monroe,” Pharrell fills the video with beautiful women of all shades.

The clip opens with the super producer running towards the woman of his dreams and wakes up right before he gets to her. When Pharrell wakes up from his dream, he is the lone male in a dance rehearsal. As the video progresses, Skateboard P bounces from location to location checking out and interacting within women. Intercut with his performances are shots of women doing feminine things like waiting for their toenails to dry after painting them and taking off your bra when you first get home from work.

Check out the video. What do you think about the clip?

Pharrell Showcases Beauty In Every Hue In “Marilyn Monroe” Video was originally published on theurbandaily.com

6 thoughts on “Pharrell Showcases Beauty In Every Hue In “Marilyn Monroe” Video

  1. Mac Ben on said:

    If you like Snow, P then put Snow in your videos. Don’t change your artistry to satisfy nappy-headed, lace-front weave wearing, monkey-mouthed haters! They aren’t buying your music anyway- just bootlegs.

  2. It sucks just like the GIRL cover! He was better off not responding because that cramp she added fuel to the fire! Phew!!!

  3. mercy on said:

    What a shame. He didn’t have to do that. All he had to do was simply not explain his art when asked why he didn’t have a black woman on his cover. Artists should always let the art speak for itself. Unless of course he wanted the question asked so that he in turn could make it known how he feels. *sigh*

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