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Oprah Winfrey’s ex-stepmom Barbara Winfrey ran to Britain’s Daily Mail to dish the family dirt in a two-part interview.  Part two just hit the web and it’s devoted entirely to Barbara’s two cents on the dynamic between Oprah, her boyfriend Stedman Graham and her best friend Gayle King.

Barbara, an educator, was married to Oprah’s father, Vernon, for 14 years.

Among other things, Barbara alleges that Oprah paid her security team to follow Stedman and learn everything about his life. Stedman initially objected, in an argument eight years ago, but Barbara says he’s now so financially dependent on Oprah that he’s “at her beck and call.”

Barbara claims Oprah even bought a warehouse full of Stedman’s books and guaranteed they’d make the bestseller list.

“Once you’re in Oprah’s world, she owns you,” she says.

As for best friend Gayle, Barbara calls her relationship with Oprah “unhealthy.”

Oprah allegedly took the family on an expensive 11-day Mediterranean cruise and didn’t speak to them the entire time. She only talked to Gayle and Stedman.

“Anytime you looked up they were together. To me it was just bizarre.”

According to Barbara, Gayle was frequently the go-between for Oprah’s messages to her father and stepmom, including instructions about how to handle the press. Oprah also tended to speak of herself and Gayle as “we.”

“Sometimes I believe that Oprah is more dependent on Gayle than the other way around. I don’t know what she would do without her friendship and if it’s not more than friendship then they’re certainly giving every appearance that it is,” Barbara said.

And according to Barbara, Oprah is apparently colorstruck, referring to her dad and Barbara as “Negroes” and envying Stedman for his “high-yellow” skin tone.

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98 thoughts on “Facing Eviction, Oprah Winfrey’s Ex-Stepmom Dishes Dirt

  1. Oprah don’t have to give her money to no one. Go tell those other actors and talk show hosts and singers that are millionaires to give their money away… stop hating on Oprah, she has worked for it so Barbara need to go hide somewhere because her bashing will only push O to more success – have she not figured that out yet. Those who don’t like never ha e never will and those who do, will not leave her for these half lies she is telling.

  2. The folks on here talking about this website name are idiots… blackamerica is where we find our stories about our black people because other sites like Entertainment and others don’t talk about it. There is nothing racist or negative about this site if you read it and understand it – you might just learn something.

    • Sharon Jones on said:

      Leave Oprah alone. That Barbara, will live to regret what she is doing. That is the very reason, that you canNOT help family. Oprah’s money is hers, NOT her dad’s. Oprah, owes you NOTHING lady! JESUS……help Barbara with her warp understanding.

      • Brenda on said:

        Oprah basically good person with good heart BUT let’s remember she doesn’t always have the
        best judgement… putting the “pregnant man” on her show and trying to convince us all that
        he was a “man” even though “he” obviously wasn’t….then she called us “haters” because we didn’t see things her way.
        She tries to present herself as such a righteous woman…but like most of us she fails sometimes.

    • Sound like an angry person that wanted more than a step mom role and did not get it… then gets put out the home Oprah bought for her. Well, with her filth she putting out there, I can see why Oprah kept her distance, she never liked Oprah anyway so why should Oprah fake it with her. Go get a job and pay your own bills now.

  3. There’s a reason everyone who works for Oprah signs a contract to keep everything hush hush. Things are not as wonderful as Ms. Oprah would like everyone to think they are….

  4. ha Oprah tell barbara to go to hell //what you do and say is your bis/to keep your name out her mouth and any one like her to do same// sure wish i wasnt married i would marry you i haved loved you day 1 keep doing what you doing piss on x/s love ya girl love to meet you/ some day i get the money my wife of 28years will come see ya take care girl god bless you and yours//

  5. I used to admire Oprah when she was a real journalist and not so materialistic and into herself. She seems just as messed up as most people to me, maybe more because she does seems very judgmental and racist, no matter how much I want to deny it when other people say that about her, I mean we all want to like Oprah and think she is doing great things, I just don’t think she is so much anymore, it’s just more about her.

  6. not a big Oprah fan, but who cares about her relationships with Gayle and Stedman? they are HER RELATIONSHIPS, nobdy elses, and if they are all happy in it, then so be it. who is Barbara to say what someone else’s relationship should or should not be?

  7. Barbara, Oprah’s money is longer than yours therefore, sign the papers, take the house and ride off in the sunset. Enough already!

    • I totally agree. After her “tip” comment, I have no respect for her whatsoever. She of all people should know how hard the waiter/waitress industry works, tips are what they count on. 6% is enuff, she says!!! u get 6% & see how you can live off that on their salary. If service is good, I give 10% no matter what, even if it’s bad, that person may have had a rough day, standing & serving the public, I would give no less than 8%. I say take ur money & go back to Africa since u care more about foreigners than ur own ‘brothers & sisters’ in ur own damn country. Anyway to make ends meet, I’d say, Barbara, let her have it!! u know her better than anybody. If you can make a buck & survive in this economy, all power to you. Let all of America know exactly how cold-hearted & ruthless she really is. Has she forgotten it was America than made her where she is today??? My! How quickly the ”rich & famous” forget where they came from. One day I pray she will see the light and be more generous to those that put her on top.

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