Fans of “The Boondocks” finally got to find out how the popular series would fair without its creator Aaron McGruder. The first episode of the fourth season entitled, “Pretty Boy Flizzy,’ spoofed R&B singer Chris Brown and his many on-going legal problems, including the now infamous beating of his ex-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.

The stand-in for Brown, an oversexed pop star (voiced by Michael B. Jordan) who sings about sleeping with a man’s wife and making her go “uhh”, robs a liquor store and hires Tomas Dubois to be his attorney. What follows is a rehash of the R.Kelly trial episode where Tom’s wife exposes herself again to be a mindless thot.

“You’re the man, Tom. If I’m out of line, put me in check!” she screams during an argument where he constantly apologizes. The underlining commentary is of Chris Brown’s female fans who insist on supporting him despite all of the trouble he gets into. Somehow, manhood is equated with a husband’s willingness to give a woman an “open handed tap on the mouth.” What year is this? Anyway. Watch the clip below. [Props to Yardie]

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