After a two-day trial, Chris Brown’s bodyguard was found guilty of assault in a Washington D.C. courtroom today. Superior Court Judge Patricia Wynn convicted Christopher Hollosy of a single count of misdemeanor assault for punching a 20-year-old fan outside of the W hotel last October. She ruled that the attack “was not justified” in his self-defense claim of protecting Brown. If you’ve been following the case then you know the 24-year-old entertainer is awaiting trail for the same charge. According to the Washington Post, his court date was delayed until Wednesday, April 23. Although Hollosy admitted to throwing the punch, the victim, Maryland native Parker Adams, claims it was Breezy who broke his nose. The Associated Press reports he filed a $3 million lawsuit seeking $1.5 million each from Brown and Hollosy. In court, Hollosy’s lawyer Bernard Grimm said Adams is just trying to “get rich” from a bloody nose. If convicted, Brown faces serious penalties. He was on probation for the 2009 assault Rihanna at the time of the D.C. incident, so he could serve up to four years behind bars.  

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