Roland Martin talks to H. Patrick Swygert, President Emeritus at Howard University about the controversial decision to allow Diddy to speak at the 2014 Spring commencement, at the disapproval of some of its students.

“The decision to invite a commencement speaker is a decision of the board of trustees, typically made upon the recommendation of the President.” Swygert said.

Should Diddy be allowed to deliver the speech at a college graduation even though he didn’t dropped out? Does money make a difference? President Swygert answers that and more inside.




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3 thoughts on “ROLAND MARTIN: What’s Really Bothering The Students At Howard University?

  1. According to a report 10 of 12 global billionaires are either high school, or college drop-outs. In short having a college degree didn’t factor into their overall success. Depending on how we define success; in my opinion only a chosen few will rise WAY ABOVE THE BAR of what most people consider being highly successful.. Success means different things, to different people

  2. Leave Diddy alone!! Like him, or not he’s a successful businessman. Neither Steve Jobs, nor Bill Gates stayed in college, and got business degrees (although both may have gone back to school later to receive a degree, and also probably received honorary degrees). Also I’m not sure if Warren Buffett has a degree. Bottom line is that successful people like Diddy, Jobs, Gates, and Buffett are VERY driven, and over-thee-top driven people are usually very successful (and that has nothing to do with having a degree).

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