bullying gone wrong

A girl bully is captured on cellphone video physically attacking a boy almost twice her size, but the victim turned the tables on her in the most shocking way possible.

Uploaded by YouTube user “UkraineGirl,” the blurry video shows a young girl with long braids kicking and punching the boy. It is not clear exactly how the fight began, but the girl is handing the boy a brutal beating. “Who you f*cking with?,” she is heard saying.

No one intervenes during the 1-minute and 23-second clip. An adult voice in the background is heard saying, “I can’t stop a thing. There’s nothing I can do. That’s why I tell ya’ll don’t fight. Nothing to do but call the police…callin’ 911 now.”

The boy, however, begins to stand up to the girl and the two struggle with each other. A boy, apparently the girl’s brother, is heard yelling, “Let go of my sister’s hair.”

From there, the tables turn and the fight ends in the most surprising way imaginable.

Watch the clip below:

Also On Black America Web:

9 thoughts on “Girl ‘Bully’ Beats Up Boy, Until He Fights Back And Does Something Shocking

  1. Camella Jenkins on said:

    I don’t condone hitting a girl either but if the girl is doing the hitting, it’s called SELF DEFENSE.

  2. Mac Ben on said:

    He should have choked her ass all the way out! Its all fun and games until these white kids come busting caps up in the school!!!!!

  3. good for him….I don’t condone the hitting of any girl but how much to they expect someone too take….after he fought back, he didn’t hurt her he just choked her then let her go then ask her if she was ok….good for that young man…it just shows his heart for people.

  4. Insecure kids wind up as bullies. That fat cow definitely has some issues.

    Now maybe she will be careful who she picks on next time!

  5. IanRousseault on said:

    Kudos to the young Man who did exactly what he should have done. He should have pitched this Animal out of one of those windows on the bus. When people attack you like this and show their Animalistic bringing up, you MUST treat them as such. Now this B____ should be arrested for starting this assault. And absolutely nothing should happen to the young Man who was only defending himself!!!!

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