There are things that are annoying, but they are small so you dismiss them. Then you have the little things that are so annoying that you will damn near kill yourself to make sure your space is rid of whatever it is annoying you. A man in Florida took the latter method to heart when he tried to kill some bugs that managed to get into his apartment. Instead of getting a can of Raid, this guy decided he was going to burn down the place.

As the story goes, a man had to be pulled to safety from his Orlando apartment after he set the home ablaze to counteract the infestation of bugs. The bugs infested the man’s apartment and computer. According to the Orlando Police Department, once the fire was put out, responding firefighters found the home in disgusting living conditions. There was trash and cans strewn all over the floors in the living room and kitchen. When firefighters went to check the bedroom, there was more trash and cans on the floor than there was in the living room and kitchen.

Despite voluntarily setting a fire, the man won’t be charged with any crime. this is because no other apartments besides his own were damaged. However, the man was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation. While the man wads bring treated for smoke inhalation, police were filing documents to have him hospitalized under the Baker Act. The Baker Act allows the involuntary institutionalization of a person if they pose a threat to themselves and others.

At least he’s getting help because if he’s willing to burn down his house because of bug infestation, there’s no telling what else he’ll do.


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