The story about a sales associate fired for taking a picture of Beyonce, has sparked a heated debate on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.” Listen to the audio player to hear what the cast and listeners thought about the situation. Did the employee deserve to get fired or did everyone over react because it’s Beyonce? Let us know what you think in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Did The Employee Who Took A Picture Of Beyonce Deserve To Get Fired?

  1. malaika on said:

    Hell no she shouldnt have been fired…to expect a fan to have not taken a picture & not broadcast it is like telling a peraon there not human..thats what a fan or the average person whose fastinated with a celebrity…who is beyonce? She damn sure aint a god…would it had matter if it was A selfie or random person she took a pic of? Hell no…to be fired? Thats crazy…to lose your source of not be able to provide for tour family because You acted in a form of a fan…fuck that bitch..apparently she forgot where she came from….when nobody knew your ass & wasnt taken pics of shit…celebrities like her think they rule the world…& they treat their fans like shit. She coulda took her aside & talk to her…anything!!! But to have her fired…thats over & beyond ridicoulous….oh so if a gun man came up in there shooting up the place & she used her phone to capture this event….she be a life saver & possibily rewarded…but because its beyonce who rules the world & can just have people fucking fired.. what world do we live in…

  2. Yes, she did deserve to get fired. She exhibited poor judgement on a number of counts: (1) not honoring the integrity of the shopping experience of the customer, regardless of who that customer is; (2) indulging purely personal pursuits (on a public platform, no less) on company time; (3) creating a potential security concern by announcing a celebrity’s location to a social media platform audience. And we don’t even know whether or not she violated any official company policies. More than fan entitlement…more than celebrity privacy…this is about business. She was a particularly poor representation of her store’s brand. And for any company that cares about its brand, that is an offense punishable by termination. I really hope that she exercises better judgement in the future.

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