In the history of world’s best kept secrets, Tom Joyner and Porsha Williams finally revealed their new relationship status! And in the midst of the alleged brawl heard ’round the world between her and Kenya Moore that took place at the RHOA reunion and subsequent 911 audio, we dig in to what really went down. And is there more reality television in the works for the new Mrs. Tom Joyner? Maybe even a spin-off? And just who inspired her new single, Flatline? We find out that and more inside.

What did you think of Porsha’s response to the RHOA questions? Should she have given more in depth answers since it’s public knowledge she’s involved in drama with Kenya? How do you feel as a fan of the show?

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6 thoughts on “Porsha Dodges Kenya and Kordell Questions- Does She Owe Us More?

  1. Do anyone really think, if true, a young attractive woman like Porsha would consider a relationship with Tom if not for his financial status? Character issues abound…

  2. IanRousseault on said:

    Does anyone really give a DAMN about this Uneducated, Vile, Irrelevant female and that God forsaken, embarrassing reality TV experience?????

  3. this must be a damn joke on every body oh this April fools day right or is this joke on us damn she be my grand daughter hell tom as old as me i glad that somebody got a hole of Kenya BUT @ BEAT THE MASS OUT OF HER THEY BETTER NOT LET Porsha go off the show at all BUT WHAT HAPPEN 2 TOMS FIRST WIFE WHO WENT ON THE CRUISE WITH HIM HIS WIFE OR PORSHA

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