”The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore actually called 911 moments after Porsha Williams allegedly attacked her at Thursday’s reunion taping.

TMZ posted audio of the call, where Kenya is heard deadpanning, “I’ve just been assaulted.”

She answers the dispatcher’s questions with about as much urgency as a snail.

“She hit me in my head,” Kenya eventually said. ”

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11 thoughts on “Kenya Moore Calls 911 on Porsha after Reunion Fight: ‘I’ve Just Been Assaulted’ [Listen]

  1. She (kenya) wrote far too many checks that she knew her butt could NOT cash, but Porsha said it’s time to pay up. GO PORSHA!!!! It’s amazing how some are so bad but when that a** gets tapped they call the police. Kenya, take your whooping like a woman, ’cause you KNEW you had it coming!

  2. J Russell on said:

    The 911 call Kenya make did not sound like a person who was anxious or upset. Kenya sound very calm. Is this for the ratings?????? UHMMMMM!!!!!! Kenya’s laugh is also soooooo phony. My opinion she is a fake. From a distance she is nice looking but up close she really has bad skin – not smooth. Others can tell she has a butt implants.

  3. Kenya is a shit starter, messy, and a bully and she got what she deserved. She always throws shade but wants to play the victim when she gets addressed. You are the workout queen what happened boo no heart to back those muscles.

  4. redbone 1954 on said:

    Hey I am team Porsha! I am glad someone finally did something other than just talking to that ignorant tramp Kenya Moore! And explain to me again why she is even on the show???? she has NEVER been anyone’s wife Geesh!

  5. Natalie Williams on said:

    What an agingg drama queen! She got Brandon’s ribs broken and a black eye, but just because she has the hots for Apollo, she slyly encouraged him not to press charges! Girl handle yours and show us some of that “Detroit” you keep bragging on, COWARD!

  6. Kenya Moore, is The Biggest Drama Queen~ She is going to Discredit the Show and The Professional Status of Every Woman on the Housewives. Case in Point She isn’t nor Has She Ever Been a Wife! Kenya Moore is a Liar and A Crazy Person!

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