WASHINGTON (AP) — The body of a man found dead in a park of an apparent suicide Monday is believed to be that of a murder suspect who was the last person seen with a missing 8-year-old girl, police said.

The body has been tentatively identified as that of Kahlil Tatum, 51, a janitor at the city homeless shelter where 8-year-old Relisha Rudd had been living with her family, said Washington Police Chief Cathy Lanier.

“It appears the person we found here today was, in fact, Mr. Tatum, and it does still appear at this point that this was a suicide,” Lanier told a news conference at the park. “This discovery was a shock for us.We were very focused on finding Relisha and that’s what we came here for. … We’re not finished. That search is continuing.”

Police had started searching for Relisha in the 700-acre Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens five days ago in an operation aimed at recovering a body, although Lanier said she had not given up hope that Relisha was alive. Hundreds of people, including divers, have participated in the search.

Relisha was last seen on March 1 in the company of Tatum, a janitor at the homeless shelter where she lived with her mother and brothers. Relisha’s mother had allowed her to spend time with Tatum, and her family did not report her missing.

Repeated absences from school led authorities to start looking for her on March 19. The following day, the body of Tatum’s wife was found in a motel in nearby Oxon Hill, Md., dead of a gunshot wound to the head. Kahlil Tatum has been charged in a warrant with murder.

On March 2, police said, Tatum purchased 42-gallon contractor trash bags and lime,  and he was seen that day in the area of the park, located in the northeastern sector of the capital.

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7 thoughts on “Body In D.C Park Could Be Janitor, Search Still On For Relisha Rudd

  1. Odds are if he commited suicide to avoide charges, she is most likely not alive. So very sad and I agree the mother should be charged with neglect or something. Unbelieveble!!

  2. Praying they find this beautiful child, and that her mother is held responsible along with the sick piece of scum she let take her, for her disappearance.

  3. I just have one question why would the mother allow this little girl to spend the night with this man? That’s what really bothering me, Praying that they find this little girl.

  4. Donna on said:

    I am totally outraged by this entire situation. I believe the mother should be held accountable for her little girl missing as well, after all, she allowed this man to take her and said “nothing” about her being missing. So another life may be lost, because this mother did nothing until it was too late.

    I hope the body is not that of the janitor, because we may never know what happened to little Relisha.

    • RENO2AC on said:

      Say it again, Mary and Tiya! My dad and grandmother didn’t allow me to stay overnight at FAMILY members’ homes. There is something not right with this mother. I don’t know if she “sold” this baby to him, or what? I wish I could get in a room with that heffa!

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