Even though Tyler Perry’s “The Single Moms Club” is just a movie, before its release there was buzz that real life divorced mothers or moms without partners were having “aha!” moments.

How cool would it be to join forces with other single moms?

Then they probably quickly realized a science project was due, they had an early meeting with their team at work or the results of their mammogram hadn’t come back yet.

And guess what?  I don’t think being a married mom with kids makes you exempt from the basic things that single moms go through.  My best friend is married to a man who is a dedicated husband and father and she has most of the same stresses that I do as a divorced mother of two.

In fact, I’ve had several conversations with married women who say they sometimes feel like single moms.  It’s no affront to their husbands.  I think what they really mean is the way work, chores, homework, and life experiences in general are distributed, women, married and single usually end up doing more at home. Statistics bear it out. Even though men are more involved parents and take care of their children more now than in previous generations, studies show men do only 20 percent of household chores like laundry and cleaning.  Even though there are tons of books, magazine articles and studies dedicated to “chore wars” between men and women, that isn’t what this blog is about.

This blog is about recognizing that good moms, single or married, make it work, are not by whining about what they aren’t getting and who is isn’t giving it to them.  We really don’t have that much free time.

Unfortunately for our friend Tyler Perry, “The Single Mom’s Club” has had one of the lowest openings of any of his other films. Some say it lacked star power, some are saying it was because it was a poor attempt for TP to go after a cross over audience that just wasn’t there. Some even say it needed Madea to boost its numbers.

But maybe, “The Single Mom’s Club” tried to appeal to an audience that isn’t a distinctive as the title suggests.  Maybe the effort to “single out” a group really only divided us.  Maybe married people with no children, married people with children, singles with no children, and men in general thought the subject matter was a little too narrow.

When I train people about developing a brand image one of the first questions I ask of clients is to be clear about who they are, what they’re offering and who’s asking for it.

As catchy as the name is, “The Single Mom’s Club,” was not able to deliver a broad range of people who just wanted to be entertained for a couple of hours—something we all have in common.

Before deciding to spend $40 on movie tickets and snacks, plus the price of gas we’re all courted by a long list of options that include, social media, Netflix, DVRs, live entertainment, and just regrouping from a long week of work, school, homework, doctor’s appointments and more.

I totally get Mr. Perry’s efforts to create new characters and grow new audiences but in reality, his Madea films probably do more for single moms than a movie geared for a more mature audience.

Most busy moms like me, married or single are looking for more things to do with our kids, not less. By the end of a work week winding down with a movie everyone in the house can enjoy is still a crowd pleaser in our house.

Even though “The Single Mom’s Club,” may not be a hit, it won’t slow Tyler Perry down and I hope we won’t by into the negative press that is suggesting that he has lost his touch.  Show me a director who hasn’t had had a less than favorable opening week at the box office.

He or she doesn’t exist.

But I am curious as to why the core audience didn’t flock to the film.

What do you think? Did you see “The Single Mom’s Club?”  If not, why not?

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33 thoughts on “Tyler Perry’s Ode to Single Moms Backfired…But Why?

  1. chandra H on said:

    I did not like the film and I love Tyler Perry’s projects.. Terry Crews was not in the film enough, He was the funniest. The ending was nice. It needed more….Something was missing.

  2. Ivan Cohen on said:

    Not all films of Tyler Perry are going to have the Midas touch to them. In some instances his association with a movie that touched on a fact of life in today’s society can be either an asset or a liability.

  3. Fran H on said:

    I saw the Single Moms Club and I thought it was entertaining. It amazes me how we as a people are never satisfied. I agree that not all of Tyler Perry’s movies and sitcoms are good. But please name me one other director who has put as many black folks on the big and little screen behind the camera and in front of it as Tyler Perry has. Those white studios in Hollywood can’t hold a candle to him when it comes to giving black people acting opportunities. And his works are positive, he doesn’t exploit black women in his plays, sitcoms, or films. Black men aren’t thugs. He presents positive black characters, I guess when we didn’t see but one black movie a year or one black sitcom every five years that was okay. And we just loved all the white productions we were forced to watch.

    • I guess what a lot of us are saying Fran, is that we prefer quality over quantity. Btw, I think being “forced to watch white productions” is a bit of an exaggeration. When was the last time someone hog tied, gagged you and dragged you to the movies?

  4. Because folks are taking this WAY too serious!! It’s just a movie people, relax! I don’t love every TP film, but at least there is a pool of films with more blacks than we’ve EVER seen from other directors, and it’s just something different. Like it, don’ like it, it’s your choice, but get over it – it’s just a movie!

    • Ivan Cohen on said:

      Yes it’s just a movie but still it is movie to influence not just entertain. When The Single Moms Club gets circulated into the Armed Forces movie system and it will, single G.I’s with girlfriends overseas in Korea and maybe even Germany will be hard pressed to explain these characters.

  5. MsNanz on said:

    Didn’t feel the ending of the movie was realistic with all the women getting a man and living happily ever after. Didn’t like how the poor black sister was portrayed, thought it was too over the top. TP appears to be trying to find his niche.

      • To be fair….Not ALL of TP’s characters in his movies are over the top, and silly. Madea…Yes…but not all of his characters

      • This is true. The Family That Preys was the exception. The cast was exceptional. But BoBo The Clown could make a movie with Kathy Bates is in it, I’ll watch. What on earth possessed him to stray from that caliber of movie and go back to the likes of Madea’s Witness Protection Program? I don’t get it. My daughter is an avid TP fan, and even she walked out on that clunker.

  6. I love Tyler Perrys movies he shows black woman as real woman that can do for themselves and get the man ! Its funny how the critiques dont have a problem with these dumb ass sitcoms that show white americans living in a world with just them with over the top sexual context and every body sleeping with everybody evan the geeks and that crap is funny ? dont think so Keep doing what your doing Mr Perry giving the rest of us something to watch instead of the blond bomb shell that sleeps with every male on the show but thats ok !

    • I don’t know, I’ve hear plenty of people who don’t care for these shows. But this article wasn’t about them. Blond bombshell? Seriously?

    • OpinionMatters on said:

      Join a church, women’s bible study group, or donate your time to a domestic violence or rape center. You might find a lot of single moms there. Don’t look for a group that wants to sit around, drink wine, and vent all day

  7. OpinionMatters on said:

    Single moms are single by choice or usually bad decisions. If they planned to have a child with a responsible partner than they wouldn’t be in a tough spot. Why glamorize being a single parent? Outside of rape, death of a partner, or divorce they made stupid choices in men.

  8. I appreciate what you do. They look at you movies and they can’t open the orange to understand the meaning. I hope you continue to be a role model and a leader that everybody respect. Continue to let your mind flow and write what you feel. May God continue to bless and protect you,

  9. I haven’t seen the movie, but win or lose. He writes what he feel or been apart of in his life. Just remember he is a good role model with a good heart. I am proud to say that I appreciate him and what he has been doing. May God continue to bless and protect him,

  10. I didn’t go see it because for some reason the heavy set black woman rubbed me the wrong way in the commercials leading up to the opening. She was over the top with her acting, not funny, and in fact boring. Sorry Tyler

  11. mercy on said:

    Single motherhood is a sore spot for many women. Many women resent the glamorization of it as well. This movie seemed to not take in to account these facts. He’s allowed missteps and will continue to get the support of his base.

  12. I’ve never been a Tyler Perry fan. I could not understand the attraction to a huge man with pendulous titties stomping around pretending to be the prototype of every black household’s grandmother. Add that to the fact that the man can’t act his way out of a paper bag, a one time viewing was enough for me. Even in films that was absent this very non funny character, his work is always extreme to point of ridiculousness. I tried to watch Love Thy Neighbor and most other shows as they debuted, so it’s not like I’m commenting on something I’ve not experienced. The over the top stereotypes just rub me the wrong way instead of being funny. Just my opinion.

  13. iann11 on said:

    I think hopefully people are sick and tired of Tyler Perry’s Buffoonery movies!!!!!! Why doesn’t he try to make classic films that would parallel martin Scorsese, Spielberg, Coppola, Lee. The real true movie makers, that make films that take you away with their stories and plots. He should really become a student of these Great Filmmakers, because Tyler Perry has NO clue what he’s doing. Black Faced Buffoonery does not qualify as true movie making stardom!!!!!!!

      • iann11 on said:

        Look DUMBASS, you don’t anything about how much money I’ve made. So let your response be about something you know!!!!

    • MariAnne on said:

      I know if you were anywhere near being a millionaire, you wouldn’t have time to write on this blog — You DUMBASS!!!!

      • iann11 on said:

        I can tell by your response, you’re nothing more than a Ghetto, Hood, Guttbucket, Inner City, Poor Ass excuse for a human being. That comes shining through Loud and Clear. No wonder you support his Buffoonery and Drivel. You probably recognize yourself and your Ghetto Style family in his films!!!!!!

      • retired on said:

        This what’s wrong with the world! So he’s a millionaire and it’s ok for him to put this bull shit out on us on television! Yah, chittlen eating people!

    • MariAnne on said:

      ….Further more, DUMBASS, if you were a millionaire you would have had enough sense to read my response and see that I was really giving your BROKE-ASS the benefit of the doubt that MAYBE, you, also are a MILLIONAIRE. . . . . Can you not read where I said, “millions of dollare MORE than you” . . . .I was indicating that you might also be a millionaire. . . . so you just gave your BROKE-ASS away. DUMBASS!!!!

    • retired on said:

      He is all about the money! Who in the hell thinks its ok to sit and watch movies on black people, people who couldn’t speak CLEAR English back in the day? WHO? Tyler Perry is not a parent, never been married, nothing! But he’s awesome?

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