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Fans of the “A Different World” are in for a treat! “The Cosby Show” spin-off — which ran for six season from 1987 to 1993 — is now available on Hulu. This means you can spend your next weekend marathon-watching party with Lisa Bonet, Kadeem Hardison, Jasmine Guy and the rest of the crew at Hillman College.

Of course, TV watchers have been able to catch episodes of the beloved series on TV One, but the series was unavailable for syndication and DVD past season one for quite some time. However, according to Indiewire, the ban has been lifted and it’s now clear for air. Now fans can watch the entire series, anytime, via the web.

For those unfamiliar with “A Different World,” it followed students at Hillman, a fictional historical Black college in Virginia, as they made their transitions into adulthood. “It originally centered on Cosby-kid Denise Huxtable as she awkwardly adjusted from her family life as a smart and quirky Brooklyn girl into a bigger world into which she just did not feel as smart or special,” Indiewire’s Curtis Caesar recalls. But after Bonet left the show (due to her pregnancy with her rocker husband Lenny Kravitz), the plot took a turn and focused on Whitley and Duane’s romance, played by Guy and Hardison. The series also made history as one of the first network shows to touch on serious topics from an American-American angle, like HIV/AIDS, date rape, sexual discrimination, and of course, race.

Other shows now available on Hulu include “Cosby,” “Grace Under Fire,” and “Cybil.”

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