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Anita baker

Anita Baker is finally speaking out about her current legal situation.

As we reported earlier, authorities issued a warrant for the 56-year-old’s arrest because she failed to show up to a court-ordered hearing back in September. The issue started after Ray Smith Painting and Decorating claimed the eight-time Grammy Award winner failed to pay more than $15,000 for work done at her Grosse Pointe, Mich. home.

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“I’m terrified,” the “Sweet Love” singer told TMZ. “I’ve never been in trouble with the law…There’s no justice in the justice system.”

The singer’s attorney, Jamal Hamood, said his client wrote the contractor a $60,000 check up front. Anita added that the job was never completed and executed poorly — so bad that she got up on a ladder and did the spackling herself

And as far as her no-show in court, the soul star said she never received legal papers. At the time when the company claims they put the notice on her door, Anita said she was on tour.

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“WHATTT??!!” she wrote on Twitter after finding out the news. “Sittin’ in the kitchen watching this on TV. BIG time crazy. Atty on his way to TV Station. Devil sho is busy.”

Despite the issue, Anita said she’s keeping her head held high. “THANK YOU, for ALL the LOVE & LIGHT u’ve sent my way,” she tweeted her fans. “All is well 🙂 Light is Dim… But SHINING ANYway Grateful 4 every lesson, ab.”


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Anita Baker Responds To Her Arrest Warrant: ‘Devil Sho Is Busy’ was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

2 thoughts on “Anita Baker Responds To Her Arrest Warrant: ‘Devil Sho Is Busy’

  1. ButterPecan on said:

    Why didn’t she sue them for their shoddy work. Anita, you know you can’t just stop paying on a contracted job. Get a new court date and counter-sue them!

  2. Tim Green on said:

    Guess laws in Detroit are different because in most states you have to be served papers by a certified method ie ceritfied mail or handed it by a sheriff, somebody cant just say “I left it on your door” cause that cant be proven that you received it ….. and if she was unhappy with the work she shouldve taken legal action herself, you cant just arbitrarily decide to not pay someone

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