Not even six months since Lauryn Hill was released from prison for for tax evasion, the IRS is after her again.

Radar Online is reporting that the former Fugees singer was recently slapped with yet another batch of liens from the IRS — to the tune of nearly $867,000.

According to tax documents filed on January 14, the IRS has served Hill with seven separate liens for a total of $866,868.05. The IRS claims that in 2005, Hill failed to pay $422,008.26. For 2006, she owes $19,838.75; 2007, $61,158.50; 2008,$58,405.71; 2009, $30370.91; 2010, $13,247.73; and 2011, $261,838.19.

Last May, Hill was convicted of failing to pay nearly $1 million in taxes, despite arguing that she had been unable to pay the tab since leaving the music industry.

She is currently in the midst of a national tour.

We want to hear from you, who’s ultimately responsible for un-filed taxes, the celebrity or their accountant?

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(Photo Source: PR Photos)

7 thoughts on “Uncle Sam Is After Lauryn Hill (AGAIN) For $867K

  1. These celebrities, are such idiots, they should be responsible for their own finances. Why on earth, would these celebrities, trust some one they don’t even know, to handle millions of dollars? These celebrities, are know different than any one else, who try to live above their means, eventually, it will catch up with you. They don’t need to hire an accountant in the first, why don’t they just get a calculator, for goodness sakes?

    • I said it. on said:

      Anytime you have money you’d want to hire an expert. You don’t cut, or style your own hair for the most part. You don’t fix your appliances when the break down. If the hairstylist, the mechanic, or repairman gets over on you, should you be faulted? Why fault these people for trying to look out for their finances and getting burnt in the process?

  2. I said it. on said:

    If the celebrities that are done like this would sue the accountants civilly, it wouldn’t happen as often as it does. They rob their employees blind and waltz away scot free. It needs to be made a criminal offense if it is proven to be done maliciously.

  3. Both the accountant and Lauryn Hill is responsible. if you hire someone to take care of your affairs, you should receive periodic updates on your cash flow, portfolio, investments, debits, credits, etc. I for one believe you are the ultimate person to sign the check(s). In addition I do not understand how the IRS is coming back to her now with this, this outstanding amount should have been included with the former liens. This is preposterous. She should fight this to the bitter end and request all documentation, information, etc. concerning her debt with the IRS and get herself a lawyer that is proficient in tax law.

  4. 06050412 on said:

    The accountant should be responsible. There is a legitimate contract where the accountant is paid to take care of the affairs of the client. Everything flows through the accountant. Many of them wind up mismanaging ot stealing from the client. This doesn’t happen to white celebrities. Why is this happening so often to Black celebrities? Who in the Black community will stand by Lauryn? She needs wisdom and guidance and support from her people. It seems like all we want to do is stand around doing nothing and watch her drown. Pray if you can’t/won’t do anything else!!!

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