For the past week, the internet has been ablaze with Kelly Rowland slander.  Rumors have been running rampant that she was recently dropped from her label Universal Republic Records. However, that is not the case. While Rowland is no longer on the label, she wasn’t dropped. She asked to be released from her contract.

According to Always A-List, the 33-year-old former Destiny’s Child member wanted to the label to push her music around the time she was on the judging panel of the U.S version of “The X-Factor.” When Kelly was on the competition reality show, she was going into the homes of eight million viewers a week. Her team asked Universal Republic to drop a new single off her album “Talk A Good Game” while the show was airing. However, the label decided against the move.

Once Universal Republic refused to release a new single from Kelly, she asked to be released from her contract. The label obliged and did so quietly. Despite fans just learning about Rowland’s departure in recent weeks, Rowland hasn’t been apart of the label since December 2013. She is currently recording songs for a fifth album while she considers different label offers.

One thought on “The Real Reason Kelly Rowland Left Universal Republic Records

  1. iann11 on said:

    The real truth is , does ANYONE buy her music? Hell no! Just like the other member of that horrible group Destiny’s Child, beyonce, neither one of them can SING!!!! beyonce is only popular because of her strip tease act, Now if Ms. Rowland would like to show a lot more skin, I’m sure her music will be just as popular as beyonce!!!!!!!

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