Phaedra Parks’ future is looking to feature one less person as she and Apollo Nida are reportedly headed for a divorce.

According to, the couple is already separated. The pending split results from Nida’s indictment on several counts of fraud and identity theft. Although he is currently on house arrest awaiting trial, Nida could face 20 years in prison if convicted.

In the meantime, Nida is trying to capitalize on his “RHOA” fame by selling autographs on his website for $6.99 plus shipping and handling. reports that the reality TV star is promoting his “Phine Body Apollo Autograph Card,” which includes his photo and signature.

As for Parks, she’s doing what she can to distance herself from her husband as she struggles to keep herself out of trouble, according to sources. Rumorfix notes that the lawyer/businesswoman is looking to clear herself of any charges related to Nida’s legal issues. Sources also reveal that Parks has been spotted in recent weeks, looking considerably thinner.

Overall, the divorce, if its actually happening, shouldn’t come as a total surprise. RadarOnline cites the fact that Parks and Nida haven’t been photographed together publicly since Nov. 22, 2013. Parks’ efforts to steer clear of Nida may not prevent her from receiving the fallout from her husband’s legal drama. Although she’s reportedly listed as a co-owner on several of Nida’s businesses, it’s not clear if authorities are investigating the businesses.

At this time, nothings been said regarding whether — or if — the couple’s legal or marital drama will play out on “RHOA.” One thing that is known is the status of Parks’ planned spin-off show, “Rich People Problems.” It is reportedly on hold for now.

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4 thoughts on “Report: Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks Headed for a Divorce

  1. Hayyah Taliaferro on said:

    And she can act any way she wants. Phaydra protect yourself and your children. You are the utlimate caretaker. You gave him a chance to do right when you married him after the first mess with the cars theft issue. You owe no one anything. On the show, whatever your issues are, you carry yourself like a lady. You worked, went to school, and took care of your babies. That’s a real sister. Hell, you even carried his butt. Do what’s best for you sister girl, if it means anything, I’m rooting for you. You are a tough, young (with old school ways), sister that I am proud to watch. Hang in there baby, God’s got your back!

  2. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Shaddy chick getting what she deserve, running around acting like she’s Ms. Perfect Angel. Controlling and bossy, looking at people all ghetto side-eyed, people she lied about and made fun of. So how does it feel getting the boomerang effect Ms. Phakedra?

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