Black History Month may be over, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop celebrating and being proud of our heritage. Take it from the adorable, Heir Jordin–a kid rapper who is equally adorable and talented. This tiny tot is  so proud of his Black History, he made a song, complete with the cutest video you’ve ever seen.

This video is enough to make you warm and fuzzy inside all day long, but can I just be honest and say, we need more kids just like Jordan. I remember dreading history class in school because all we would ever learn about was the Boston Tea Party or Christopher Columbus and we read the “Diary Of Anne Frank.” But when it came to Black History, we were limited to President Lincoln “freeing” the slaves, Harriet Tubman’s journey north and Dr. Martin Luther King’s fearless legacy. And even that was skimmed over.

There’s so much I didn’t know about Black History until I decided to do the research myself. Little Heir Jordin is an inspiration. There’s no way this kid is older then 5 years-old and he’s out here giving rhyming history lessons to us all. I love that Jordan’s video glorifies our ancestors to a catchy and relatable hip-hop beat. We all know how popular that genre is, but imagine if more kids saw the beauty in knowing more about our history and actually celebrated it the way Heir Jordin is? That would be really freakin’ awesome. We need more powerful kids like Heir Jordan! Please share this video to inspire young people to take pride in our history.


One thought on “If This Adorable Kid Rapping About Black History Doesn’t Warm Your Heart, You Don’t Have One [VIDEO]

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