03/18/14-An alarming number of our nations military return home from duty joblessness and homelessness and many of those former soldiers are women who, in addition to that, are single mothers.

Jacque Reid‘s guest found herself in a similar position when she returned home. Ginger Miller of The Women’s Veteran Initiative explains that there are several reasons why our most celebrated heroes return home with little to no resources on adjusting to life outside of the military.

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3 thoughts on “Inside Her Story: Women Returning From Service Homeless

  1. deidra mack on said:

    i have been following you on the very good topics but i took aclass tha bash tom joyner reach card that it was the worst card . My daughter is in college she ask me about the card and my life skill class told me that it was not a good card please help to stop the madness. to much money is giving to the cause for our black ,brown or white kids. thank you for your help

  2. Thank you soo much for this story. I serve with the NC VetsCorps, working to help Veterans in transition. It’s heartbreaking. I, too, am a Veteran. I don’t know this pain. I know that we deserve so much more than what we are getting and that’s why I chose, again, to serve. These women are the real sheroes.

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