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Most people have a favorite “Real Housewives” franchise — whether it’s the Southern belles of Atlanta, the money-making ladies of New York or barbies of Orange County — but Chelsea Handler despises them all.

The E! talk show host slammed all of Bravo’s housewives during a recent panel event. “Now, I can pretty much say I don’t want a Real Housewife on my show,” she told her BFF Gwyneth Paltrow.

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“I don’t wanna talk to them!” she continued. “I don’t care. Not that they’re a dud; they’ll talk. But I’m not interested in anything they have to say, is the problem.”

This isn’t the first time the 39-year-old comedienne publicly dissed the reality series. She told franchise honcho Andy Cohen that all of the ladies are “sick” during an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” last year.

“I actually haven’t [had any on my show] because I think it’s sick,” the “Chelsea Latley” host said. “I know that people are watching the show and they watch Bravo. I actually think that franchise is kind of a terrible thing.”

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Women shouldn’t be making money off of the fact that they have fake boobs and fake vagina and a fake whatever,” Handler insisted. “I actually don’t support that.”

Well, tell us how you really feel.


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9 thoughts on “Which Talk Show Host Banned All Members Of Bravo’s ‘Real Housewives’ Franchise From Her Show?

  1. She did have a real housewife on her show! She had NeNe Leakes from RHOA on and I know this because I watch her show and I am a BIG NeNE Leakes fan!!!

  2. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Andy Cohen/Bravo like Drama and keep schit going because that’s all those stupid reality tv shows/modern soap operas are DRAMA and JUNK!

  3. Camella Jenkins on said:

    I agree with Chelsea. I’ve watched rhoa since the first episode aired but I’m backing off because it has gotten rediculous and it’s stupid. Reality TV nothing but modern day soap operas-pure entertainment, trash and junk TV.

  4. Go Don on said:

    Well they need a job but then again I don’t think its something that our young daughters needs to see. The only one viewing I did I notice a couple of the actress did need to act I see that kind of woman right down the street the only thing they are not rich. They would like you to think they are rich but it’s showing our kids how to be GOLD DIGGERS and how to not spin money. But then its entertainment change the channel look for something worth while. BET is starting to have some good programs so grab the remote.

  5. retired on said:

    These fools are looking for a free come up! Get a dam job like the rest of us! Some of them can’t keep a man that why their asses made a show of pure lies! You want get a percentage out of my cable bill!

  6. iann11 on said:

    I agree with Chesley 1000%! Why don’t ALL women feel like this? Why don’t people see that these shows do nothing but promote division between women, with all of the fighting and arguing all the time. Why is it that people are so interested in seeing women fight each other? Why do women participate in these shows? Because of money, that’s the real reason why! And that’s sooooo SAD that you can get women to show their very worse by giving them money, there’s nothing they want do if you pay them the right amount. What a sad message we’re sending to young girls/women and to the world! These are NOT women, they’re PROSTITUTE”S!!!!!!!

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