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What’s in the water down in Florida? As reported by NBC News, 36-year-old Titus LeBrun, and employee at Jimmy The Greek’s Taverna in Boca Raton, stabbed his employers as restaurant patrons looked on. Restaurant owner Dimitrios Karaloukas was seated in the restaurant when LeBrun, armed with a knife, stabbed him multiple times in the back and side.

Karloukous, a popular restauranteur in the area, died later. Another male, yet to be identified was also stabbed by Lebrun and is recovering from surgery at an area hospital. Lebrun was arrested shortly afterward outside his place of employment. He told police the motive for the crime was that Karloukas took his picture earlier this month and posted it on the Internet, police said.

LeBrun is being held without bail and has been charged with premediated murder and murder while engaged in a certain felony offense.

Friends and family got together on Friday to pay tribute to the man murdered the day before.

“He would just hang out, and just sprawl out. Had a nice personality. Just a very nice man — the whole family,” one of Karloukous’ friends told NBC News. “We all, everywhere, feel terrible.”

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