03/14/14- Jacque Reid goes “Inside Her Story” with Christelyn Karazin about interracial dating and the dating imbalances within the black community.

42 thoughts on “Is It Easier for Light-Skinned Women to Find Men? Christelyn Karazin Answers Inside!

  1. blackbeauty on said:

    Christelyn is such a fraud. I feel sorry for the black women who think that quality white men are going to abandon white women in droves in order to marry black women.

    Most white men are very happy being with white, Asian or Hispanic women. White men don’t hate light or Caucasian features the way many black men hate African/black features. And that is the big difference. Even white men who are attracted to black women will admit to also being attracted to white, Asian and Hispanic women. So even though there are many more white men than black women in America, there are also many more non-black women who can more easily appeal to a successful white man.

    Also, even non-racist white men realize the benefits of white privilege and want their offspring to have those benefits. There are many white men who will not procreate with black women for this very reason; they do not want their offspring to deal with the problems of being a black phenotype. Of course Christelyn will pretend that all white men want to have brown babies, but don’t believe it.

    Let’s be honest here. Bold African features are not prized in Western societies, especially when those features are on a dark skin black women. Even white women who get surgery to increase the size of their lips or behinds don’t go overboard and try to look like an African woman.

    People like Christelyn want to deceive black women into believing that white men are suddenly realizing that black women are the most beautiful creatures on the planet and they are ready to knock white women off the beauty pedestal and place women who look like Lupita or Christelyn on that pedestal. Sorry Christelyn. It will never happen.

    There are millions of black women who want marriage and only a few hundred thousand white men who are interested in marrying black women. Other non-white men have an even lower rate of marrying black women. So how does Christelyn see marrying out as a solution to the problem? The statistics show that more interracial dating is not leading to higher rates of marriage for black women. The numbers are simply NOT there.

    The truth is, unless more black men start considering marriage with black women, MOST black women are doomed to remain single or become baby mamas who get left behind. White and other non black men will not abandon non-black women to save black women.

    There are VERY FEW white men who have an exclusive attraction to women who look like Lupita Nyongo or even like Christelyn. White men don’t feel they are marrying down when they marry a white woman but many black men would feel a woman who looks like Lupita Nyongo is not a prize because pure African beauty is not prized like white beauty. Black women have to compete with women of other races for the best white men, whereas white and non-black women do not have to compete with black women for the best black men.

    Non black women have an advantage over black women with getting the best black men. Any black woman who looks like Lupita or Christelyn knows that she has a very small chance of getting a successful black man to marry her whereas a less attractive non-black woman can easily get the same black man.

    I am not saying black women are not beautiful. But let’s not be ridiculous and pretend that most white men prefer undiluted African beauty. White men were the ones who devalued African beauty and prized the mixed race offspring of black women. They used women like Lupita to create the light skinned mixed race women that they find very desirable.

    Any black woman who wants to tell herself that white men don’t desire women like Halle Berry and Beyonce is deluding herself. Women like Beyonce and Halle are at the top of the beauty hierarchy in the black world so they don’t have to look to nonwhite men for validation. White men know this and that is why they often don’t go after beautiful light skinned black women.

    Marry or date whomever you are attracted to. Just don’t make it more than it actually is. There is no “movement” of white men preferring BW for marriage. White men as a group do not see black women as prizes and they have no interest in marrying black women who are being rejected by black men. Realize that many white men will “date” black women with no intention of ever marrying one.

    Also, the white male population is decreasing as the Hispanic and Asian population is increasing. Does Christelyn think Asian and Hispanic men are going to save black women too?The men of those ethnic groups are less likely to want black women for marriage. Just look at the colorism that they practice against their own women.

    • Deuce on said:

      I totally agree with the expressions of “blackbeauty”. I have White male colleagues with whom I associate on a regular basis. These are professional , educated men with six-figure salaries. They are not racist, but they are honest with me during personal conversations. We’ve visited each others homes to watch ball games, have grilling feasts, etc. We even go to sports bars periodically. This woman Christelyn seems quite detached from reality. Delusional, in fact. Racial dynamics have NOT changed in the least bit. Sure, some White men will gladly screw a Black woman (did that even during slavery). However, the social hierarchy is still based on “White privilege”. Thus, white women & white features are prized in that mindset. I’m not talking about some old basic type of white dude down at your local Walmart. I’m referring to prominent, successful White men of status. Take the recent incident with Donald Sterling, the BILLIONAIRE businessman & owner of the LA Clippers NBA team. He knows that his legacy (financial empire) must be passed on through a “White” lineage. This guy is married to his White wife Rochelle, but gladly banged around with his Black bed wench mistress. He totally degraded her “Blackness” & asked that she portray herself like “delicate White/Latina women”. This guy told her that his friends were nagging him about her “black” imagery. He is a country club sort of White guy at the top of the economic scale. This person Christelyn is out of her mind to think that she’d be accepted in those high circles. Successful White men like Mr. Sterling has to hear constant complaints from those in their social realm when they decide to deviate from the norm (Whiteness). It is what it is folks! Donald Sterling just gave America a glimpse of what the truly powerful considers “acceptable”. Sorry Christelyn……..that’s NOT you !!!

  2. Kenneth Wells on said:

    You know, I’m almost sorry I made the comment about the interview that Jacque did with Christelyn. What started out as my opinion about the interview turned into a major debate on how blacks treat each other in relationships. As Christelyn stated, and I agreed, you can date whomever you want. If you want to date within the race, that’s cool. If you want to date outside the race, that’s cool, too. The one thing I hope is that the person you date, and if it goes that way, eventually marry, loves you and treats you like the king or queen you are. No one can make you happy–you have to find that for yourself and within yourself.

  3. JosephJPage on said:

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  4. Carolyn on said:

    Growing up with my paternal father’s side being look upon as “high sidity” because they are light-skinned and my maternal mother side being look upon as “low class” because they are dark-skinned has caused me as a kid to grow up with a complex. I felt I did not deserve love from a black man because I was not good enough because I was not black enough. I have always heard, “the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice”. But every woman has flaws and imperfections just as well as men. We as people all want to be loved no matter our color. We need to love and accept ourselves first and foremost because no matter who you decide to date or marry, if you do not love and accept yourself, white man/black woman; black woman/white man; and black/light-skinned black relationships will not work. Lord, I just pray for our next generation.

  5. iann11 on said:

    Why on earth is this an article in the year 2014? You know what, it’s because of topics like this that keep black people behind the eight ball on most things!!!! No it doesn’t matter how light or how dark you are in determining if you get a Man or not. Men love all types of Women. All races all hues, it simply doesn’t matter what your skin color looks like. I’m sooooo disappointed in this article, we will never advance as a society if we don’t stop talking about things that will divide us> There are soooo many things that we have in common, let’s talk about, instead of this God forsaken drivel!!!!!! It’s 2014 people!!!!

  6. Firstly, let me just say that Mrs. Karazin was great. Second, let me just talk to the black women right now, because I’m over trying to convey anything to black men, because you are constantly finding ways to brainwash black women into thinking that noone wants them and that this topic isn’t important for them to think about or consider (miss me with the bulls**t). Black women, Christelyn is not trying to FORCE you to do anything; expect broaden your horizons and create more options for yourself. Black men will continue to treat you like crap, if you continue to be “ride or dies” for them and put your needs and wants last. Are they doing the same for you? No! Not with 70% of black babies being born out of wedlock and not with 80% of black women being single and unmarried; wake up! If you wish to be a “nothing but a black man, black woman,” then fine; but you may want to freeze your eggs and forget about being married anytime soon. Notice how black men treat this topic lightly when it pertains to black women? Well that’s because they want to “hide” the fact that black women have options and they don’t want to lose their banks, sperm receptacles, and mammy mules. If you don’t want to date out then okay; But don’t hate on those of us who have chosen to take advantage of our options. If black men gave two craps about you, they wouldn’t treat you like a second thought. They portray you in a bad light in the media, they put other races of women above you and they are constantly telling you that “you are not enough,” especially if you’re dark skinned. Oh, but you’re welcome to stay with that, if you want. While the rest of us excercise our options. Let me let you in on something; BLACK MEN DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU UNTIL YOU START THINKING ABOUT YOUR OWN HAPPINESS AND DATE INTERRACIALLY. They don’t care about the “Nothing but a black man, black women,” they already have you where they want you. LOL! However, they are constantly peeping across at us (black women who date/marry interracially), to see what we are doing. Afraid that not enough white men date us? Well, be afraid no more; bw are only 13% of the U.S. population and maybe even lower than that, but nonblack men are here in large numbers. So what’s the problem?

  7. Firstly, let me just say that Mrs. Karazin was great. Second, let me just talk to the black women right now, because I’m over trying to convey anything to black men, because you are constantly finding ways to brainwash black women into thinking that noone wants them and that this topic isn’t important for them to think about or consider (miss me with the bulls**t). Black women, Christelyn is not trying to FORCE you to do anything; expect broaden your horizons and create more options for yourself. Black men will continue to treat you like crap, if you continue to be “ride or dies” for them and put your needs and wants last. Are they doing the same for you? No! Not with 70% of black babies being born out of wedlock and not with 80% of black women being single and unmarried; wake up! If you wish to be a “nothing but a black man, black woman,” then fine; but you may want to freeze your eggs and forget about getting married. Why? because the numbers are not in your favor. Stop waiting and start doing; your life and happiness depends on it. Black men only make light of this issue, because the dating game is currently benefiting them. As a black woman who dates interracially; I have to say that it’s a good feeling to know that I don’t have to sit at home by the phone waiting for Tyrone or Jerome to call; why? Because I’m out with Ken. Also, I don’t understand the negative comments coming from black women, because as more and more of black women like me, leave the black community and it’s ideals behind; there will be more black men for you. Ever thought about that? Put yourself first for once and date and marry who you want; black men do and they do it with no appologies!

  8. Michael on said:

    Why are black websites giving her a platform to speak on? It seems that white men should be giving her a platform to speak on. She and her followers are seeking white men. Go to a white man’s website and advertise your show and book. I always find it amazing how black people who date outcome seeking support from black folks. White people should have your back, not us.

  9. Deuce on said:

    I don’t see this slew of White men seeking Black women. Sure “some” are with Black women (for varying reasons), but the fact is that most white men date/marry White women. Just as most men across the board are with women of their own ethnicity. It’s not as if white men are ANY different than others. Some white men will treat Black women like sh_ _ (ask Halle Berry). Her WHITE ex-husband did everything from beat her to calling her a NIG_ _ _ during arguments she says. Foolish to suggest that White men are a Black woman’s key to happiness. “GOOD MEN” (irrespective of race) are!!! Educated White men of means had better make sure a Black woman is “top flight” to avoid the appearance of downgrading. Since he had pretty White women readily available, his Black woman had better be attractive. Unless he’s just an “average” White guy (taking what he can get).

    In the professional realm, I don’t see many “quality” White men pursuing Black women. Unless by “options” you’re considering a White guy down at Walmart or Mc Donald’s. Of course there are exceptions to the rule ………but generally speaking. EXOTIC infers something/someone “different or rare”. An Asian woman might seem rather exotic to a White man. An Arab woman might ……. and so forth. The Black woman is NOT “exotic” to White men in America. She might be in China or some place without any (or many to speak of). White men have been around Black women for several centuries in this country. They have ALWAYS had their pick of Black women. By force then, by choice now. These same White men (so-called “options” ) that a Black woman gets with today, is the offspring of earlier White men who BEAT, WHIPPED & RAPED her ancestors. Black women are nothing new to White men. Nothing that you’ve always had access to is “exotic”. On the other hand, it was taboo for White women to be with Black men (for obvious reasons on the part of insecure White men). Some White women sexually desired those big, muscular Black men they saw working in the fields. It’s something in their DNA to this very day. Thus, a Black man could be killed for “consensual” sex with a White woman. Whereas a White man could (and very often did) RAPE and otherwise violate Black women whenever he wanted (with no repercussions).

    If a Black woman happens to be with a White guy out of mutual love/respect …….fine. I just can’t co-sign this foolish implication that it’s some sort of new, exciting paradigm. You could easily get yourself embarrassed thinking that a top-notch White man (lawyer, doctor, CEO, businessman, etc.) places you above “quality” White women. Been watching too much SCANDAL !!! Black women are indeed beautiful, but stupid to think that White men validate them. NEVER have !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Not all people from the white race are the same. I love all different cultures and skin tones for I am many cultures combined into one person. Sure it’s still going on… But it isn’t nearly as bad as when segregation and slavery was still legal… A lot of our African heritage also consists of mass murder, rape, and slavery. Same with any other race. The only way to rise up against this is to stand up for the HUMAN race, not just black people or just white people etc. It’s nothing wrong with interracial dating just as there’s nothing wrong with non interracial dating. You like what you like but make sure that what you fancy isn’t out of spitefulness or hatred. It isn’t that hard to live and let live.

  11. Kenneth Wells on said:

    To touch on a few things. Yes, I have heard of other men of other races date outside of their race because of what a few of their own race did to them. @Amber–if you didn’t see in the beginning, I did say I married a black woman. I told my wife that if I ever “hit it big”, I will be with her. She was there when I was “broke”, and she will be there to share the wealth. And don’t think men of other races don’t want to date black women because they see you as exotic, feisty and forbidden. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? You can’t let the feelings of a few ignorant black men spoil how the rest of us feel about black women. Most of us, myself included, know you are the queens of the earth, and all other women try to imitate you. I’m proud to be a black man, I’m proud to have married a black woman, and I hold black women in the highest esteem.

    • Amber on said:

      Kenneth, even if you did hear a few, I still do NOT think other races say those negative things about race AS A WHOLE. There is always going to be a few “exceptions” to the rule; however, too many black men say this (even on Tv or through their actions even if they are saying the “political correct” statements of “I love black women” when they really do not). I love the fact that you married a black woman and black women love black men; however, it get me when we as blacks debate each other over if to date outside our race. WHY? Again, other groups (even if a FEW want to date black) will NOT make a public showcase about it unlike blacks. Again, it looks like blacks trying and fit in with whites and trash try own race. I will NEVER degrade a black man on tv even if I met few no good brothas (so what, whites, asians, hispanics have no good men and women as well, so why trash my race about something that ALL groups have within their race).

  12. B. Thala on said:

    I would have to say it depends on the race of the men, because Everybody knows that it is much much easier for light skinned women regarding BLACK men, but that’s okay, because black men are not the only option for sistas, and I’ll get into that a lil later but it’s no secret that black males are extremely color struck. nobody is making this up, all you have to do is just look at the media, music videos, rap lyrics, blackmen magazines and the arms of your black male sports figures, rappers & celebrities. Black men don’t see the beauty in dark black women and that’s unfortunate, but on the flip side, white men appreciate the beauty of a dark chocolate woman, and they will embrace a black woman’s hair whether its an Afro, straight perm, braids, weave, curly or a short natural. Dark skin Lupita is beautiful, but honestly, How many black men are checking for women who look like her? However, white men see lupita as gorgeous, absolutely stunning and so do I, and it’s a shame that men from other racial groups can appreciate the true beauty of a black woman, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, this actually works in the black woman’s favor b/c now sisters all over the are realizing that they have options for quality mates and I’m so happy that black women are finally starting to exercise those options.

    • Amber on said:

      well, it was the white man who made people who look like Lupita feel like outcast. Many whites say things out of “white guilt”. Sorry but I am not giving white men or any other race of men glory as if they “cherish” black women beauty. Sorry but I do not see as many white, Asian, Hispanic men runnng around with black women like I do with black men with other races of women (and even at that, MOST black men according to the data still MOSTLY date black women).

  13. Amber on said:

    All of this goes to show how screwed up we as black people are. It amazes me how we get in debates with each other on dating folks outside our race. I will never hear a white radio station or majority white audience debate with other whites, Asians debate with other Asians, hispanics with other hispanics about dating black folks. ONLY BLACKS does this kind of nonsense and in the meantime try to degrade their counterparts (black men degrading black women; black women degrading black men). At the end of the day, MOST people still date within their own race; however, we need to stop trashing each other in order to make other races will treat you better. If a white person say his or her race is better than blacks, the same blacks folks who trash thier black folks will be the same folks to get upset YET many blacks folks are saying the same thing. No wonder no other race have respect for blacks. Yes, those other races may tell you to your face you are respected. but behind close door, blacks are NOT respected. Wyllie Lynch did a great job of messing up black folks

  14. Black men clearly devote an entire media towards promoting light skinned women meanwhile black women have collectively kept dark skinned black men like Omar Epps, Taye Diggs, Wesely Snipes, Arsenio Hall, Lil Wayne, Morris Chestnut, Eddie Murphy and many many many others. Meanwhile, it took white people to appreciate the beauty of a BLACK woman like Lupita Nyong’o for her to get some shine.

    So, it is unfortunate that SOME black women have treated you a certain way at some point in time, however, at ALL TIMES, black women are CONSTANTLY berated and denigrated by the collective of black men for being too dark, too this and too that – that even other races have picked up on it. Black men have made AN ENTIRE CULTURE off of denigrating black women, through media, social mores and even in the ways they talk to their white girlfriends and spouses about how much attitude black women have or how this or that. You think we don’t know? We know.

    And so do you all – so enough with the games and diverting the attention way for yet another pity party for black men. It may work in some places, but NOT here. Black men need to get something STRAIGHT- more and more black women are waking up each and every day and are putting themselves in DIRECT ACCESS TO QUALITY MEN OF OTHER RACES. It won’t end well for the collective of black men. So, enjoy the self destruction the lot of you have allowed on yourselves. Because it will soon end, and it will be because of the efforts of WOKE black women, the miniscule amount of black male support as well as non-racist people of other races- that black women will return back to her rightful position as most admired and most desired.

    In the meantime, keep hugging white supremacist values.

    • Amber on said:

      Barby Jayne, you said it took white to appreciate the looks of Lupita Nyong; however, you fail to tell that it was WHITES who put that HATE in blacks to hate people who look like Lupita Nyong.SO whites are not doing no favors by showing Lupita Nyong beauty. And how do you know it is an “acceptance” (she had to play a SLAVE to get that acceptance). I always said people like Lupita Nyong is beautiful. My brother is her skin tone so it is nothing new for me to say Lupita is beautiful. My brother is handsome and calls himself “Ebony Prince” and the BLACK women who he is around LOVES him.

    • Kenneth Wells on said:

      It didn’t take white men to appreciate someone like Lipita to get us to appreciate her. We were appreciating her long before white men even began noticing her. THEY were the reason the divide exist with us today. They were the ones raping our ancestors to have mixed raced children who happen to be ligher. They were the ones telling us the slaves working in the house was better than those working in the fields. Bottom line is this–we were all slaves! We were all treated badly. Until we realize the beauty of all shades of black people, we will continue to have discussions like this. If you want to date and marry someone black, that’s cool. If you want to date and marry somene who isn’t black, that’s cool also. If you love that person, and that person loves you, who cares what other people think?

  15. Well, why is that true? It’s the effects of slavery and Jim Crow. Words are tool for evil or good just like a knife or a hammer? Words can smash like hammer, cut like a knife, comfort like a pillow, bind like cement, build like bricks or lift like the rising tide.

    The truth is that words do make a difference. Words and the images they represent have been used throughout our history in America to give many of us a slave mentality. Our hair has been called “nappy,” our lips “thick,” and our noses “wide”–all of which are now pejorative, negative terms. On the other hand, European features have been given positive connotations. Their hair is “silky,” their skin “fair,” and their features “keen.” Tragically, it means the straighter, the longer, the better–the more European-like, the better. Think of what a different society we would have if European features were given pejorative terms and African features were given positive terms. They would have “pale skin,” “stringy hair,” and “pointed features.” We would–and I hasten to add do–have “strong hair,” “broad noses,” and “full lips.”

    Are you familiar with the “the doll experiment by Dr. Kenneth Clark”? If not, Google it and articles associated with it. The doll test/experiment was done after the year 2000 and the results are the same. There is a great amount of self-hate and self-loathing among African Americans and this seeps into children from societal cues (words and images) in TV, radio, music videos, parents, siblings, peers and even with the N word, etc. The self-hate and self-loathing among African Americans (a product of the wide and deep history 350 years of slavery and 100 years of Jim Crow that keeps on “giving”) is wide and deep.

    So, just as in the the doll experiment, the black children preferred the white doll to the black doll, it “makes sense” that a black man–particularly a rich one–would prefer a white (or other than black) woman to a black woman. He can afford the best house, the best wine, the best car so he wants (and can afford) the best woman to go along with it. Well, black self-hate and the adoption of European standards of beauty means that the best woman will have “fair” (pale) skin, an aquiline (pointy) nose, long “silky” (stringy) hair and thin lips and not dark skin, wide (broad) nose, nappy (strong/tightly coiled) hair and thick/big (full) lips.

    Steven Biko said that the greatest weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed. How true. How true.

    • Amber on said:

      So true. And look now. We have black folks trying to push blacks into dating whites while trashing our own race. Stupid.

  16. SoOverIt on said:

    There is somebody for everybody. I have one brother married to a woman who happens to be white. They have a little girl together and all seem happy to me. My other brother is married to a woman who is part Hispanic. I’m not sure what the other half is as she and I are not close. But she and my brother seem happy together too.

    People should date who they are attracted to and with hopes marry somebody they love and want to spend the rest of their life with. I’m not attracted romantically to black men at all so they can all pass me by for all I care. If there are black women who are attracted to black men then they should socialize in places where there are black men looking for black women and vice versa. Also, please realize that just because you’re interested in somebody does not mean they are going to be interested in you. If they’re not, move on. It takes more energy to sling mud than it does to just keep walking.

    • Kenneth Wells on said:

      I agree with you wholeheartedly. At the end of the day, one will become involved with someone who he or she feels will love and respect them. It doesn’t matter what your race is, we are all part of the human race.

  17. Christelyn, you did an excellent interview, and a greater service to every black woman listening to this show. As these “comments” here demonstrate, anything and everything offered as critical insight that does not place black males squarely and exclusively in the limelight are deemed bitter and hateful. Thankfully, your venue and others similar to them are available to help educate and foster intelligent conversation as a means of learning there is more to our lives than being at the exclusive behest of BMs too schizophrenic to properly reconcile their faulty logic against their pathetic behaviors.

  18. Timekeeeper on said:

    Leave it to Jackie Reed to keep the black Malte hate going. he is going to be 80 years old, still talking this nonsense. I agree, all she talked about is the hate about brothers that certain people will buy into. In a lot of ways we cause our own issues, drama and emotional schizms that last thru life.

  19. Kenneth, I have absolutely no hatred at all for black men who date interracially. They are free to find love however and wherever they choose with my blessing (not that they need it.) I think you mistake my defense of black women who are often sidelined in the black community as bitterness. It is not bitterness. It’s passion. I want my sisters loved and cherished, period.

    • Kenneth Wells on said:

      I’ve been on the other side of the debate, where black women passed me over because I was too dark, too big, too nerdy, or too nice. I married a black woman, and she loves me for me. I understand your passion, but your passion comes off as hate, and that is what bothered me about the interview. I suggest you do a show with black men who have been passed over by “fine” black women, and then started dating outside the race. Or even do a show when black men found that special black woman after being passed over.

      • Amber on said:

        Kenneth, the truth with your comment is that ALL men of ALL races have been passed over by women within their own race. Tom Cruise was overlooked by white women. Do you hear Tom Cruise saying he will not date white women due to what a FEW white women did to him? NO. ONLY Black men/women say stupid nonsense comments like this when these comments are made. what few black women did to you or any other black man DOES NOT represent ALL black women and the same for black women who have been trashed by black men. Again, this shows how messed up many black folks are still dealing with self hate. You can find a good black man or a good black women IF you really want to find one; however, some folks want to use these excuses to justify dating outside their race. Believe me, there are alot of messed up folks in order races as well who will treat you like trash once they are finished with you.

    • I’m so happy that more and more Black women are dating/marrying out. My GF’s and myself started a group Nationwide where we connect on to come together to push BW to date/marry out. I agree many White males do get the best looking Black women as well as more educated ones. I see nothing wrong with attractive Black women like myself seeking out White males to date or marry since they provide, protect, lead and respect us unlike Black males.

      Did you see OkCupid’s poll? Less than 22% of Black women select Black men to date on dating sites. It dropped from 92% down to 22% in less than 7 years…………thank God. Its not like Black men are doing anything for the race contributing to the high negative statistics!

      Who’s wants a Black man to ruin my life/ I damn sure don’t!

  20. Kenneth Wells on said:

    I heard a lot of hate in that interview. I thought the guest was supposed to bring some insight in the dynamics of interracial relationships. All I heard was a lot of bitterness because she hated it when black men dated outside the race, and she hated it when black men commented on black women who dated outside the race. Can’t we just get along?

      • Amber on said:

        Sorry; but black men are more white color struck than black women. Black women may make comments but they will still date, have children, or marry or be engage to the black man even if they date outside. When a black man makes money, a black manruns to non black women (untill he fall from grace then he runs back to the black community for support).

    • Amber on said:

      Well, Kenneth, she is entitled to feel however way she feel. Like I said, Why is it an issued for blacks to be so obsessed with wanting to date white folks and to try and push other blacks to do so. You do not hear white folks doing this for black folks.

      • Amber you said: “Why is it an issued for blacks to be so obsessed with wanting to date white folks and to try and push other blacks to do so. You do not hear white folks doing this for black folks.”

        Understand that I’m not trying to “force” black women to do anything they don’t want to do. You want to only date black men? Go with my blessing, although you don’t need it. This show, my work, and my book are for women who are open to all their options. If that’s not you, I PROMISE they’ll be no men in black to take you away in the middle of the night to brainwash you in a little room with a bald light bulb. 🙂

      • Kenneth Wells on said:

        Actually, do hear thiese things. I hear it from my son’s generation and friends. Some white women see black men as the strong, no nonsense, full of swagger bad boy. Women like that want to go out with that type of man. As I stated earlier, white men see black women as strong, assertive and exotic. They wonder what it would be like to be with her. I agree with Christelyn in the point that if what you want is a black man, he’s out there. All you need to do is be prepared when he comes into your life.

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