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R&B singer Frank Ocean has fired what appears to be the last shot in his dispute with fast food chain Chipotle. The Odd Future crooner was commissioned by the Tex Mex chain to rework a song called “Pure Imagination” for a healthy farming promo. They paid him a $212K advance for his services, but Ocean balked at the final cut of the video which featured a Chipotle logo.

Chipotle then sued Ocean for backing out of the $400,000 deal. In response to the suit Ocean, real name Christopher Breaux, posted this check on his Tumblr page with the advance amount and the phrase “F*ck Off” in the memo section of the check.

frank ocean check from tumblr

However, a spokesperson for Chipotle told Rollingstone that they have not received any funds back from Ocean. Singer Fiona Apple ended up replacing Frank Ocean in the spot, which you can watch below.

So to recap, a former vegetarian R&B singer is beefing with a fast food company because they asked him to sing in a commercial and wanted to actually put their logo in the commercial they paid for.  They sued him and in response he posted a check on the internet telling them to go stuff their own burrito.

God Bless America. The app DOES look fun though…


Frank Ocean Tells Chipotle To “F*** Off” On $200K Check was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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