Week after week, Sasheer Zamata proves why she’s so deserving of her new spot on “Saturday Night Live.” The comedienne is holding her own and we’re laughing out loud each step of the way.

This past weekend, Sasheer hit a home run with a spot-on impersonation of Olivia Pope. The hilarious “Scandal” skit was her first major role since joining the sketch comedy show in January, becoming the first female African-American cast member in several years.

While “Olivia” barked out orders in a flawless white pantsuit, her newest gladiator, played by guest host Lena Dunham, asked endless follow-up questions.

“I mean I’ll totally go but you just talked so fast,” the new girl said after receiving an assignment to got the Mexico and place a bug on the ambassador’s wife. “I have literally a thousand follow-up questions… Where in Mexico? What time is my flight? Do I buy the plane ticket through Jet Blue or some such? Also, should I bring my bathing suit in case my hotel as a pool?”

Pope ignored the questions and continued on with business. That is until her presidential boo Fitz showed up. Check out their lip-quivering romantic encounter in the full clip below.

Watch out Kerry Washington, Sasheer Zamata is here to stay!

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