1/4 peaches

1/2 banana

1/2 blueberries

1/2 scoop chocolate egg protein powder

1/2 scoop renu herbs drop a meal protein powder

1 cup fresh kale

1/4 vanilla greek yogurt

1/2 ice

1 teaspoon organic cocoa powder

Blend well for 3 minutes. If protein powder gets on the sides, scrape, and blend for another minute.

Pour into glass,travel tumbler, or sports bottle. ENJOY!

(IF you don’t have fresh ingredients, it’s perfectly fine to use frozen organic fruits and veggies.)


One thought on “Yolanda Adams’ Healthy Chocolate Breakfast Shake Recipe [EXCLUSIVE]

  1. I didnt know there was such a thing as a healthy chocolate breakfast.. but this is the real thing.. easy to make and the protein scoop keeps it all nice and diet friendly.. cool.. I’m so making one of these!

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