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Except for news stories or commentaries, I can’t remember the last time I used the N-word.

I don’t use it in my private life, not even to refer to my friends or buddies.

I don’t call people my N-words.

I don’t see it as a term of endearment.

And by no means do I use it casually to refer to other black people who I’m talking smack about. That’s just me.

I do hear the word all the time, mostly from young people, and sometimes from older ones.

I’ve debated the use of this word for what seems like forever now.

I understand some people feel differently than I do about using it. I am not the word police.

But I have stated that I think we, black people, should stop dropping that word so much, especially considering that it is the last word some of our ancestors heard before they were lynched, raped, whipped or beaten to death.

I understand some people, especially aficionados of rap and hip hop, feel like by using the word they’re taking the power back and out of the word.

I do not understand the concept of taking the word back or the power out of it, especially when someone other than a black person says it, we lose our minds.

If we were taking the power out of the word then it wouldn’t matter who said it.

We wouldn’t care who called us the word.

So last week when the NFL proposed fining players who use that word on the field and in the locker room some people lost their minds.

Players, analysts and pundits said no way, people say all kinds of things in the heat of the battle.

That may be true, but still not an excuse.

Like it or not the ball field and locker rooms are workplaces.

There is certain behavior and certain words that are not acceptable in those places.

Racist, misogynist and homophobic language are all unnecessary and should not be tolerated; neither should excuses for using it.

However, I think fining people in the NFL for the use of the N word is wrong unless you fine them for using other expletives and offensive words.

And for those who oppose the N word fine by saying you don’t want someone else defining how a group of people communicate with each other.

Imagine if white racists said no one should define how white people communicate with each other and therefore they should be allowed to use the N word amongst themselves and on black people.

What if they said they were just using it as a term of endearment to the black people they liked.

Would any black person like that?

I know I wouldn’t.

53 thoughts on “Don Lemon: Let’s Remove the N-Word from Black Culture Too

  1. djjammasterd on said:

    Eventually everyone that is not Black will turn Black when they die …….. just wanted to throw that out there lol
    That is why they are in the ground so fast…..

  2. djjammasterd on said:

    For all of the so called freedom of speech peeps … If u actually work for a company go say it at work and see what happens…. u see media people fired all the time for using that word Unless u are a stupid rapper that uses it …. test that out and see how far u get at your work place if u think its so cool to use.

  3. iann11 on said:

    Look Bubba, You DUMB ASS MORON, it’s morally wrong to use that word! Have you and all of the other uneducated, soulless, heartless, brainless, stupid, subhuman,despicable Ghetto THUGS been living under a rock. Have a seat Bubba, because you should not have the right to say that word or any other words, because of your obvious Stupidity!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. chali on said:

    Sing this poem to Beethoven’s 5th symphony


    Resist the urge, to use that word!


    Resist the urge to use that neg-a-tive word.
    It it the dumbest thing I’ve ever ever heard.


    Resist the urge, to use that word.
    Don’t ever use that word!


    Resist the urge to use that negative word.
    It is the dumbest thing I’ve ever ever heard.
    Resist the urge to use that word
    Resist the urge, resist the urge, resist the urge,
    resist the urge, resist the urge, resist the urge,
    resist the urge, resist the urge.
    Resist the urge to use that negative word.
    It is the dumbest thing I’ve ever ever heard.


    Love your race! Just don’t!


    Don’t embrace ‘the’ n word!


    Why would you ever choose it?


    My Jesus didn’t use it.


    It’s time for us to lose it.


    Love your sister and your
    brother. Let’s not dis one another.
    Spread this love across the land and in the home it’s
    time to leave that neg-a-tive word alone.





    We-mustn’t-waste-our-precious-minds-on negativity but
    strive-for-harmony and unity.


    Resist the urge to use that negative word
    resist the urge.
    It makes us look absurd and totally disturbed.
    Resist the urge-to use that word-try KYOSEI!

    • djjammasterd on said:

      Whats up with the white guy Tyrone or should I say uncle Tom
      Even the Thugs don’t say or spell the N word like that .

  5. djjammasterd on said:

    It seems to be alot of peeps on here posing as blacks ….. not fooling anyone lol
    hidden racism
    some folks really dont know history either
    But in the End all people will be Black ……….. White people bury their own quickly so u cant see them in their black form
    N word has no place here
    and Words are powerful its in the Bible

  6. iann11 on said:

    Uncle G, you’re the very reason why black people will always be stuck in the past and stuck behind other races, because you are just simply DUMB AS HELL. The shame of that word will ALWAYS BE there, you stupid, vapid, ignorant, spineless, uneducated despicable, welfare recipient, subhuman ,horrible excuse for being a human being. I hope that when you die, the last word that you hear, is the N-Word,You poor excuse for human existence. Why are black people like you still living, you horrible, horrible rodent???????

  7. Don is correct. And you are right we didn’t give us that name but whites did. Gansta Rappers made big bank by brainwashing you into believing it means love. Whites don’t feel shame when we call yourself that word. They laugh at you guys bc it worked to make you ignorant by referring to yourself with such hatred, you will defend the usage of the word and not defend your right not to be disrespected. They win, They made you a cartoon that they congratulate bc you are deft, dumb, and blind. You are differently a follower and needs to be told how to think and act and are afraid to be free… Wake up and claim your rights as free man and not a slave. Kill the n-word and bitch and whores.

    • iann11 on said:

      Ms. Cheryl Blair, I could kiss you!!!!! You are sooooo right on point, how intelligent and wonderful it is to see this. Thank you young lady, for having Grace, Dignity, Self Respect, Self Love, Proper Understanding of what it is to being a Real Black Woman/Person!!!!!! I Thank you so much for this! I only hope and pray that there are MANY Black Women out there like you. A True Queen!

      • iann11 on said:

        You’re a DUMB ASS also, why don’t you take your trifling , uneducated ass, and try to get YOUR education,youi STUPID F___. How dare you call out a Black man for getting his education, you subhuman F___, It’s F___S like you who have always kept the black community down and trodden. F___ off and DIE!!!!

    • iann11 on said:

      You are a F______ MORON, it’s because of uneducated DUMB ASSES like you, the black race is where it’s at!!!!! How dare you , you subhuman F___!?!?

  8. when the Latin countries used the term…it described a “Color” not a race… they referred to us as “Moreno” as far as race was concerned. it didn’t become a problem until “NON-MELANIN” people adopted the word and denigrated it along with how they treated our African family when they were “Kidnapped”. I will continue to use the word. however I don’t appreciate it at all when the decendants of the Euro-Settlers use it. just like I don’t use the term “RECESSIVE” short for ‘GENETIC RECESSIVES”. when I use this term I want to offend somebody. that’s just me though.. #STOPBEINGHUMANCATTLE

  9. We actually get angry, start to cry, repeat the word over and over again and start defending it use. The only one getting anything off its use is gangsta rappers promoters and the Toms that deliver it to the public. You say it doesn’t harm us yes it does bc we don’t know how to respect us. The word creates murder, drug dealing, rape, and a brain dead people.,. The word carry negative consequences to our brain. Am in agreement with Don it needs to die and we will continue to die if we don’t bury it.

    • iann11 on said:

      Amen Cheryl, Thank God there are people out there who realizes this!!!! Unfortunately, we have a lot of DUMB, MISINFORMED black people out there also. And that’s the real tragedy!!!!


    • Shali on said:

      LAB, you are WRONG!! check-out Willie under Reader; other races have demeaning names for their own kind as well…again check-out Willie under Reader on this subject.

  11. thescoop1 on said:

    When it comes to the use of the n-word the African American community is a walking contradiction, to understand why and how the Black African American community came about seeing and using the n-word as a term of endearment, and the true significance of their use of the word n**ga you are encouraged to visit:

  12. iann11 on said:

    I think Don Lemon is 1000% correct, the n-word should definitely be removed from black dialogue. I’m thankful that I don’t associate with ANY black people who use that word. Of course they’re all educated, Doctors, Investment Bankers, Judges, Lawyers, Politicians, Entrepreneurs and so forth. ONLY NON-EDUCATED BLACK PEOPLE USE THAT WORD ANYWAY!!!!!!!

  13. This is yet another DISTRACTION! It sickens me to continually witness how disjointed and lost we are. The use of the N-Word has never hurt anyone, however the ACTIONS committed against those regarded as the N-WORD have been devastating and continue to wreak havoc for that group of people. Stop focusing on the SYMPTOMS and put more energy towards the ROOT of the problem.

    • iann11 on said:

      PJ, Just as I suspected that would come from someone who lacks education. You DUMB ASS FOOL how could you possibly say that using that word has NEVER hurt anyone????? Please sit down and shut the F___ up because you obviously haven’t got a clue!!!!!!!

      • iann11 on said:

        Get a life, you Horrible excuse for a human being!!!!!!!!! If you were not serious about your dumb ass opinions, this would be very Funny!!!!

  14. Ivan Cohen on said:

    There are times when I think Don Lemon doesn’t live in the real world. This blog of his proves it. He also has an inability to distinguish black culture from black subculture. Frankly it is more about the tone in which the word is used. I have heard whites say it with contempt in their voices more than a black person.

    • cj mac on said:

      A hundred years from now black people are still going to be arguing about this word. It’s not going anywhere. The only reason its an issue is because whites can’t use it in our presence.

      • iann11 on said:

        That’s BULL____ and you know it. The reason it may not go away is because you have a bunch of DUMB ASSES who don’t realize or care about the significance of using this word. There are a lot of DUMB people out here and as long as they are alive you will consistently have to deal with this crap. May they DIE OUT soon!!!!!!!!

      • Jiggy5 on said:

        Therein lies the problem. When you aspire to a higher education, you are surrounded by white folk. You end up trying to appease them because you are the only black. Thus, house Nicca.
        Holla’ at the Scholar

      • iann11 on said:

        You have to be the DUMBEST NICCA out there. I would rather appease them and be a house nicca anyday, rather than be anything that you are. Which is a SAD Uneducated Buffoon!!!!!

      • Jiggy5 on said:

        I respectfully disagree, Rachael Jeantel is hands down the dumbest Nicca on the planet. Second place isn’t even in the rear view mirror.

      • iann11 on said:

        OH Hell no Jiggy5, Rachel seems like a genius compared to your unbelievably, dumb ass comments. But I’ve come to expect this type of talk and thought from GHETTO PEOPLE!!!!!

  15. Todd M on said:

    I don’t use the word at all. And I don’t understand why blk people want to keep a word that is demeaning and disrespectful. It’s a double standard to use it and not expect non-blacks to repeat it. You’re reinforcing it. We will never be respected as a race until this word is banished.

  16. djjammasterd on said:

    Anyone using this word is an idiot, and freedom oof speech doesn’t protect u. People get fired for using it. It was created to insult the black race. And dude that said he is black is stupid if he thinks peeps believe that crap because black people don’t use it that way. Unacceptable in any form. Verbal hate crime

  17. No one should get a pass for saying the “N” word. Blacks should have more self-respect and stop using it and address ANY one who continues to say it. I have NEVER said that self-hating word about myself or any other Black person in my entire life and I never will. There is no way to take back the word or diffuse it. IT MEANS what it has always means. Black people didn’t create the word but for some reason SOME of us want to embrace it, What other race of people speak such demeaning words about themselves, Asians?, Italians?, Latinos?? No just Blacks.

  18. Julie on said:

    Tyrone, as someone who lives in the north, I certainly hope you’re exaggerating. When was the last time a black man was hung in Texas?

  19. Stanley21 on said:

    Sagging and use of the N word are the least of the problems we should be trying to change. While CNN focuses on racist murders, the other 99 percent of the murders of our young men continues in every city accross this country. Between the Black communities denial and the fact that white people are too afraid to “offend” Black folks, the problem continues – unchecked. The talking heads on CNN who deal with “race” in this country are FAR removed from the real problems.

  20. I agree Don. Just substitute the N-word with any other derogatory word like SCUM, DIRTBAG, A$$HOLE, IDIOT, etc. and see if anybody accepts them as terms of endearment. That’s like physically beating yourself up to take the power away from your abuser who is hitting you. It simply makes no sense.

  21. atl_native on said:

    I don’t use the word and will loudly reprimand anyone who uses it in my presence and the guys in my hood would rather not use it than to hear me go into a history lesson. And they warn thier buddies. As a child growing up in Atlanta my mom and her sisters had a way of saying the world that made my flesh crawl. When my mother came to live with me that was my first and only condition. I agree with Amber until we remove it from our vocabulary – I think Whites should get a pass.

    • cj a hundred years ago we were slaves and were saying the same thing you are saying now that we will never be free. If you are sitting at home praying for whites folks to change STOP. Action speaks louder than words so if you don’t like being talked to like that speak up and involve others. It can be stopped only you have to have enough courage to demand respect. Are you guys still separate but equal and if you it is your fault.

  22. Amber on said:

    I agree Don. There are blacks who do not use the word and blacks as a whole can NOT demand respect until they demand it from their own race. That is just how it goes with anything. If you trash your family, strangers will do the same thing to your family no matter if you think “I can trash my family but I do not want no one else doing it”. N word was a word to demean our slave relatives and it is pure stupid to try and justify it with the nonsense some blacks try to do. Bottom line is NO RACE is ever going to respect blacks until blacks learn to respect themselves. You do not see Jewish people taking this kind of nonsense and if a racial word is use against a jewish person, that product will be pulled off the market QUICK with no questions asked.

  23. Amber on said:

    well, if a white person call you that word or your white boss, I hope you are just as open minded and will not curse them out or try to sue. You have the freedom of Speech but you better be prepared to deal with the reaction to your free speech.

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