If you dine at Gator’s Dockside in Florida, know that you are contributing to their employee’s health insurance, because they blatantly charge for it on their receipts.

The restaurant charges 1% tax on meals for an Affordable Care Act surcharge, according to CNN. Employees won’t begin to receive their health insurance until December, but they started charging early “because of the compliance costs it’s facing ahead of the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate kicking in in 2015.”

They have a sign up to let customers know that they will be charging. ”The costs associated with ACA compliance could ultimately close our doors,” the sign says. “Instead of raising prices on our products to generate the additional revenue needed to cover the costs of ACA compliance, certain Gator’s Dockside locations have implemented a 1% surcharge on all food and beverage purchases only.”

Obamacare, which rolled out last October, has gotten a lot of flack for the issues with their website and, for some, plans offered seem to be more expensive.

Sandra Clark, Gator Group’s director of operations, says it will cost $500,000 a year to give health insurance to their full-time employees. With the surcharge, that would alleviate them of around $160,000 each year.

Gator’s Dockside isn’t the only restaurant who is imposing the surcharge. Republique in Los Angeles has an optional 3% surcharge for health insurance, but they say it’s not related to Obamacare.

Would you eat at a restaurant that imposes you pay a health insurance tax?

Photo credit: CNN

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7 thoughts on “Florida Restaurant Adds Obamacare Surcharge To The Bill

  1. The argument is not how much these employers are spending on health care for their employees but the fact that they DON’T want to pay out health insurance for their employees. The same people that get up every morning to do their part in making sure these big wigs who have insurance, and whom can afford insurance because of their employees are the people losing out. Not the restaurant business be it a franchise and or corporation. I can however relate to the fact that if being a business they don’t want to pay out insurance for their employees because it would be too much money for them, then they should have a clause where they increase their hourly wage to meet an above min wage standard so their employees can afford their own health insurance. Again I am sure that would be too much for the big wigs, the corporations, employers to handle then they would be crying about that as well. Keep in mind people this country was built on the blood, sweat and tears of other men and women. Taxation became a requirement so that land owner’s and men and women who wanted more money could get it, along with the tax cuts they could get from having a business. Taxation has always been a part of this country created back during Lincoln days. It was a way to keep the government a float. Dirty politicians working with the wealthy that’s how it has always been until recently and they are mad or naw! LOL this ish is really sad and pathetic. Do you think you own your home, land etc…why do you still pay a land/property tax even after your home is paid for? The idiot that stated should the employer pay for car insurance etc huh dumbass no! Considering that men and women get up everyday going into a job to make pennies to help yes themselves but mostly in part to help their employer whom couldn’t run their businesses without the help of customer service representatives, waitresses, waiters, order takers, cooks, dish washers etc providing benefits to employees is incentive of why an employee wants to work and or needs to work. This country is so full of shit its really ridiculous. Let’s face it this is how our country is. Greed, make money off the sweat of others doing our job while we sit back and count the money as it come in. That’s what it comes down to. If I was to get a franchise, I would hire a manager, workers, and just oversee the every day run of the business. Is that really hard work? Yet these people are upset because for goodness sake wow they don’t want to offer benefits to their employees. It’s not their responsibility. So I say yet again SCREW these corporate aholes who can’t see how much the working people need to have affordable health care. I’m just flabbergasted by this oh wait I’m not.

  2. Mac Ben on said:

    The ACA IS a healthcare tax you idiot. Why should employers be required to pay for YOUR medical insurance? Why not your car insurance (you drive to work!), why not life insurance (you could die at work!). Wait until this thing really takes off and some of you lose your jobs so employers can make room in payroll to subsidize the ACA!!!!!

    • Mac Ben on said:

      Well…if you have a job YOU ARE supporting the ACA so, you might as well support the restaurant so some folks can keep their job!!!!

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