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Religious leaders have a long history of convincing their church members to do unique things, this is no different in Kenya, where one pastor orders his female members to remove their undergarments in the name of Christ.

NewsOne reports:

Kenyan pastor Rev. Njohi has raised not only a few eyebrows but red flags with his unorthodox suggestion of having his female congregants remove their bras and underwear before coming to church, so that Christ can freely enter their bodies with his spirit, according to The Kenyan Daily Post.

Njohi, who is the pastor of the Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church in Kenya, reportedly refers to undergarments as “ungodly.” The bible-toting minister called together a meeting with church officials and allegedly discussed banning the under garments because people “need to be free in body and spirit in order to receive Christ.”

After warning his female congregants about the evils of skivvies, the God-fearing pastor spoke of the damnation they will suffer if they dare not to go bare underneath.

In true fashion, the church’s female population reportedly did come to church sans their undies, the Post reports, in order to prepare for their spiritual taking.

This SICK Pastor probably wanted to lay hands on these unsuspecting women folk!

Do you think pastors should be monitored more closely or do they deserve free rein in their ministering?

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43 thoughts on “Pastor Orders Female Members To Remove Underwear So God Can Enter Their Bodies

  1. Rev. Njohi of Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church, is nothing more than a Sunday Morning Pimp, with a nasty “propeller.” Maybe those dummies in Kenya will agree to this mess but he need not try to come to the US and try it here.

    • Seriously? If Jakes, Dollar or any other rich and famous pastor instructed his female parishioners to show up to church without panties, thongs, girdles, spanx or pantyhose, that pastor would be able to stand in the pulpit, rotate his head 360 degrees in direction and be able to stare directly into the eye of the beast. Old boy in Kenya is a horn dog alright, but don’t try to claim that the pimps and perverts in the pulpits of the good ole’ US of A are any better.

  2. m a xie on said:

    why is it only a sin if women wear underwear and not the men? a nd wh a t a bout when they have thei monthly cycles?

  3. jj2xw on said:

    Well, in his defence, the girls are really hot. I wouldn’t mind being there when all their panties are off, and their smell is looming.

  4. SJohn on said:

    I wouldn’t even worry about because one of those woman’s husbands or boyfriends will beat the living shit him one of these days…

  5. Delayna Brown on said:

    In no way is that biblical and anyone that believes this Pastor is right, needs to “study to show thyself approved”!! This doesn’t make sense in the NATURAL, nevertheless the SPIRITUAL!!!

    • steve on said:

      Well, “Natural” is a funny term to use here. Humans are the only animal that bothers with, and enforce, clothing, and all clothing is man made, so I can’t give you “natural” on that one. Well outside of what we expect from a minister, sure.

  6. Jerry Alicea on said:

    This is just one more sick fuck who hides his sexually deviant self behind the guise of a religious minister. He WILL burn in hell!

    • vickie watkins on said:

      people really do need to read their bible for themselves. There is nothing in the word of GOD that justifies such behavior. When people live a life commented to guide and not to men they will not be taken into false doctrines.

  7. sassy on said:

    People have to read there bibles. And if what the pastor is asking you to do doesn’t line up with the word of God run. Don’t fall for any wind of doctrine.

  8. Shantee Sass on said:

    People have to read there bibles and if what that pastor is asking you to do doesn’t line up with the word of god run. Dont fall for any wind of doctrine.

  9. I can’t blame the pastors too much because of the fact that you have Christian holes in the church today you have womens at the church walking along bragging about there p**** belongs to elders pastors bishops that’s a shameyou have pastors that have been cut and that church office getting their dick sucked or having sexbefore they bring the message to the congregation so what is the difference between Annette Christian hole and Christian hope they walk around claiming that they are virtuous woman Wow so this let you know that we have Christian pimps as elders pastors ambitious something to think about so ponder on that

  10. C.A.A on said:

    African woman have this prejudice about themselves vs American woman. (They are better.) Well in this case, they are the same just “DUMM” No difference. This screwed up on this thing but we have to remember these countries do this every day. “BLIND FLOCK” following a wolf. Hell is full beyond Satan’s belief. A lot of them are headed that way but in there defense “I AM DOING A GODLY” thing. God will judge man when the times come, look out.

  11. Klw407 on said:

    This looks more like a club than a church! Why do they have on these short skirts and barely nothing there shirts. Even with under garments on you still would of seen too much. What they need is some more fabric!

  12. stephanie on said:

    Not so God can enter their bodies, so he can enter their bodies. Perverted bastard, stupid women. Pimps, preachers & prostitute and I have more respect for the prostitute.

  13. Imhotep on said:

    Another Pastor Bastard! If I didn’t have a conscious. ..Oh well..Them some nice looking chocolate thighs though !!..Hotel

  14. iann11 on said:

    It’s really SAD how DUMB some women can really be, this is such a tragic situation. It’s 2014, how is it that some women today could fall for this BULL____?SMDH!!!!

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