Fred Hammond  is continuing to get stronger every day from his double knee replacement, but he talks to “The D.L. Hughley Show” about the pain he’s been going through during his recovery. Listen to the audio player to hear how this experience inspired his new song “Loving on God.” Plus, hear him play This or That in the audio player!


One thought on “Fred Hammond Discusses The Pain He’s Been Going Through [EXCLUSIVE]

  1. Rhonda on said:

    Fred I too had bi-lateral knee replacements on December 17 and I understand but I am doing so good, praise the Lord. I returned to work on 3/3, I’m still using a cane, but I’m trusting God that in due time that will pass. I’m only 55, but I believe my rotten knees were due to a car accident I was in in 1982 when I was hit by a drunk driver. God has plans for my life and I’m aiming for whatever He has for me. I will continue to pray for your full recovery and I solicit your prayers also. God bless you my brother. Peace RC

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