ray-rice Janay Palmer

As we previously reported, Baltimore Ravens super star running back Ray Rice was recorded coming out of an elevator at an Atlantic City, NJ casino dragging his fiancee Janay Palmer on the floor after the two had allegedly been through an altercation only moments prior.

It was not known when the video first surfaced how it was that Ms. Palmer became unconscious. However, recent court documents are possibly shedding some light on how she found herself in that state.

According to NJ police she was knocked out.  Take a look at the complaint below.

Here is Ray Rice's official court summons. (Twitter/@HellgrenWJZ)

It is also being reported that there is video of the entire dispute which allegedly shows Ray hitting Palmer. If this is true, it’s even more troubling. Take a look at more of the story below.

We simply still don’t have all the facts in this case yet but  given what we’ve seen it’s difficult for many to grasp how this is going to get any better anytime soon.

But one thing is for sure…if that alleged video of Ray Rice hitting his fiancee and knocking her out ever surfaces…then there will definitely be repercussions throughout the NFL and with his fans and followers as well.

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