A Black student returned to the Grand Valley State University campus this past Monday only to find something quite threatening on their dormitory room message board.  According to authorities, the student found racist epithets with a degrading sketch drawn on there.

Dean of Students, Bart Merkle, said the sketch on the message illustrated a Black person being hanged with X’s for their eyes, and the statement was an anti-Black History comment with racial slurs.  Merkle explained to the local affiliate Fox 17, “This is not something that we are used to having in our community,” Merkle said.  “That hate really has no place on a campus or any place.”

This is not the first time a student of GVSU has found racial comments on their dorm message board.  Another student has unfortunately dealt with this racism numerous times; it was so bad that she had to be forced to remove her message board.

The student plans to leave the university after the winter semester because of all the racism she and her roommate have been exposed to.  “I’m just disgusted by coming to my room and seeing the negative messages on the door,” she said to Fox 17.  “I feel uncomfortable, what do people have against me here?  I’m a freshman, why can’t we just get along.”

The university is currently doing what it can to uncover who was responsible for this racist act.  Dean Merkle said that the university’s staff has been talking to students in the dormitories. “We have to first try to identify who’s responsible.  If we believe this is intimidation and threatening, which I think a very good case could be made for that, then we might well choose to use our disciplines system in terms of reviewing and making some decisions,” Merkle said.  “If we felt that it violated the law, our campus police would take it to the prosecutor and if it was deemed to be a potential violation of the law we would probably prosecute it.”



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15 thoughts on “Black Student Finds Racist Comments On Dorm Message Board

  1. Turns out this student “victim” is on academic probation and in danger of not being allow to return after the conclusion of the Spring semester. What better way to ensure that expulsion does not occur? Create a racist situation that would make the college look terrible if they dismissed her. Wouldn’t be the first time folks.

    • Jermaine on said:

      That’s highly Unlikely. What is more feasible is the students are complete racist like Trolls just like YOU Jiggy5. Go kill yourself and take a friend.

  2. Its amazing that just a few short years ago with the inauguration of Obama so many people including Oprah declared how much society has changed. Now that reality is back on clear display I hope that we as a people will never again waste our time believing that anyone will save us but us!! Lets unite and do for self Elijah Muhammad was absolutely correct.

  3. keebee51 on said:

    Same shit every February. I don’t even celebrate any more because it can’t be enjoyed. They get all year to put Negros down and make jokes about our history. They will never change and we shouldn’t expect them to. This world is fucked up because of them. Hell the run everything, we just continue to self destruct by turning on each other. Sometimes I’m disappointed with Negros because we don’t try to do better.

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  5. Jermaine on said:

    “Until you understand WhiteSupremacy Racism-what it is and how it works-everything else that you understand will only confuse you” Neely Fuller Jr.

  6. Remember This!
    The USA is FILLED with TRASH. And they show they’re UGLY HEADS on all fronts.
    Its true-they teach their ‘kids’ this stuff. So we need to teach our children ‘what to look out for’ once they are able to understand. And than we as a people will be able to see the REAL VALUE in sending out children to HBCUs. This is not advertisement. Its JUST TRUTH.

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